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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive » Operation Wildfire

    17 Feb 2016 -

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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive » Major Growth

    23 Feb 2016 -

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    Kristi Leskinen on Twitter

    “As athletes sometimes we risk it all to win X Games. No gamer in the world deserves an #xgames Gold Medal #couchgames #athletesonly”

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    CS:GO Pro League returns with $1.5m prize pool

    "It’s not just offline audiences we’re aiming for: television broadcasts, a higher standard of online production, a continued emphasis on competitive integrity—these are just some of the things you will see this year.” - Ulrich Schulze, Vice ...

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    8 years ago
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    Tribe leader seems like he's been active for two days in July then nothing. I'd be greatly interested in trying to revitalize the tribe a little bit... Try and get some active members/possible mods who could help contributing!

    Same fate seems to have happened to /t/csgo, which is a duplicate, with only 5 members. The leader pretty much secured both tribe names and abandoned them.

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    Never got it, I want to get it. How?

    Hi guys,

    First lemme tell you, I've been a gamer for pretty much all my life, but more seriously till highschool, when I was 15. Mostly been an FPS, MMOs and hack'n'slash player since then, but really want to get into MOBAs, as it's where it's at right now. I like the gameplay, but I really don't understand anything, and really, documentation doesn't help. Tried to get through it, but all that vocabulary doesn't mean anything to me as a moba noob. I tried several times to get into it, Dota2, LoL, but I'm kind of getting tired of playing against bots and not understanding shit, feeling generally lost and having no idea if what I'm doing is okay. I'm a fast learner, usually, but this (type of) game really has a way of overwhelming me.

    So, I'm pretty much asking you guys - how should I learn? What should I read? Keep in mind, I'm a casual now, don't play hours at a time, and would like to enjoy an online game, but kind of tired of getting screamed at the second I try to join an online game and not getting what that other a**hole wants. Anybody up to teach a fellow snapzite? Get into some noobish games with me or something?

    Thanks guys! :D

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    8 years ago
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    READ FIRST - Welcome to /t/unixporn! (Rules & FAQ)

    Welcome to /t/unixporn! Please closely read the following content. Here are some answers to common questions. Make sure to closely read the rules and FAQ.


    0.0 - Why is it UnixPorn if it's all Linux?


    The tribe is called /t/unixporn because it's for UNIX and Unix-like operating systems. This is to be our own place.


    For that reason we explicitly don't allow the posting of Windows desktops.


    We do allow the posting of some other niche operating systems such as Plan9, but if it's not a unix-like system you'd be safer messaging the mods before posting.

    1.0 - Snapzu's Etiquette

    Follow the Etiquette of Snapzu! It makes for a much nicer community.


    Be respectful toward others in the community, both in general an in the giving/recieveing of criticism. Be aware of the fact that different people will have different opinions on what makes an attractive set-up. Please don't make racist, sexist, or homophobic comments.


    If you have been found to be breaking any of the subs rules either rectify if possible or ensure it does not happen again.


    Mark any "NSFW" submissions or comments as NSFW. Note that this includes spoilers.


    Don't take credit for someone elses content.


    Report content (comments, posts and PMs) that you believe to be breaking any of the rules stated here. We try out best to keep an eye on things but we'll always end up missing the occasional comment.

    2.0 - Hosting

    Please either use built-in snap modules or those approved hosts for all content.

    2.1 - Discussions

    "Discussion" posts only. No linking to external forums, except within self posts.

    2.2 - Still Images

    • IOPaste

    2.3 - Moving Images

    • IOPaste (direct links only)


    If you think a site should be added or removed messages us and we'll check it out. You are free to provide alternate sources in your comment not listed here. When possible please make single images direct links. This is to aid low bandwidth and mobile users.

    3.0 - Content

    Please post only on topic content - anything off topic will be deleted with immediate effect.

    3.1 - Screenshot

    Screenshots of your system, where the focus isn't a piece of original themeing content you've made.

    • 3.1.1 - When posting your *NIX set-up please provide basic information about it in the comments. You must provide a link to your wallpaper and (if not-default/applicable) give your conky config, gtk-theme and icon-theme. If you're struggling an optional template is provided in the following FAQ. If your OS is not mentioned in the title (remember 3.1) or shown in the screenshot please state this in your details comment too.
    • 3.1.2 - Please accompany "clean" screenshots (no open windows) with at least one "dirty" screenshot. (at least one open window). Note that this rule does not apply in reverse - you can post "dirty" without "clean".
    • 3.1.3 - Tag [WM/DE] in the title (e.g. [XFCE]). Do not tag [OS].
    • 3.1.4 - Defaults are not permitted, exceptions being obscurities and the major redesign of a DE. We will also consider any post that has only made changes to icon and gtk/kde theme a default. However we allow these posts in our "Whatever Goes" weekends threads.

    3.2 - Workflow

    A GIF or webm which effectively shows of how you use your system.

    • 3.2.1 - GIF and webm should only be used for showing off your workflow, as this is something that cannot be easily conveyed through still image.
    • 3.2.2 - Provide some details of what's going on in the comments. There are no restrictions on what this has to be, but a short summary is much appeciated.
    • 3.2.3 - Tag [WM/DE] in the title (e.g. [Awesome]). Do not tag [OS].

    3.3 - Hardware

    Photos of hardware

    • 3.3.1 - Machines running *nix only - those Windows boxes belong in /r/battlestations
    • 3.3.2 - Provide some details of what's going on in the comments. There are no restrictions on what this has to be, but a short summary is much appeciated.
    • 3.3.3 - Tag [SYSTEM] in the title (e.g. [Desktop])

    3.4 - Material

    Any original themeing content you have created.

    • 3.4.1 - We do not allow the posting of non-original materials, even when credit is given. Developed forks are allowed.
    • 3.4.2 - Tag [OC] in the title. Note that you still have to provide a details module.

    3.5 - Discussion (& Meta)

    Self posts that are designed to spark discussion of any kind in the comments below.

    • 3.5.1 - Questions and problems should be posted here, even if they contain images.
    • 3.4.2 - Meta posts should be flaired meta.

    3.6 - Other

    Mod use only. This is for posts that don't fit into any of the above catagories and were either posted before the new rules or we've let through the filter because we think they're exceptionally good.

    4.0 - Moderation

    Who watches the Watchmen? We need to be kept in line too. If you think we're out of line let us know.


    Reasoning with rule citation must be provided for removal of all threads, comments and posts.


    Users must be notified of major rule changes 24 hours before they come into effect.


    Anything not outlined in these rules must be discussed between mods before being acted on. Examples include mod removal, mod additions and rule changes.


    For future referencing all ban actions must be recorded here.


    Why is it UnixPorn if it's all Linux?

    It's 'unixporn' because we welcome users of any Unix-like or Unix derivative operating system to post. While the vast majority of users do use some form of Linux, we do have those that use OSX, BSD, AIX, and the likes. If you're a Unix user yourself we wholeheartedly encourage you to post to help keep the variety up a bit.

    Why is there an approved hosts list?

    When the /r/unixporn 2.0 subreddit was launched, users were what they wanted from the sub. People mentioned that they'd like using Imgur to be a requirement for posting, as a lot of self hosted images were going missing a few months down the line making it difficult to look through archived content for ideas. The question was put of whether the sub should operate an approved host list and out to the whole sub, the response was 69% yes, 19% no, and 12% indifferent! ​​

    Why do I have to add a details module?

    This was something else that came up in the launch of the 2.0 version of the subreddit, with a lot of users frustrated that the same questions of "what's that icon theme?" and "wallpaper link?" were been asked on every post. The question was put of whether they should require a details comment out to the whole sub and the response was 78% yes, 16% no, and 6% indifferent.

    A common misunderstanding is that the details module requires you to list every component of your setup, but this is not true. The minimum requirement is a link to the wallpaper and if not-default/applicable, your conky config, gtk-theme and icon-theme.

    Why was the [OS] tag removed from titles?

    This was a rule that was picked up from /r/wmporn in the merger. It's possible to run almost any desktop environment or window manager on any distribution, so the underlying system doesn't matter all too much. Having the tag also meant that sometimes the OS would be stated five times in one post so we figured it was just adding unnecessary clutter to the titles.

    How should I format my post?

    All screenshot, hardware, and workflow now require a details module. For screenshot you must provide a link to your wallpaper and (if not-default/applicable) give your conky config, gtk-theme and icon-theme. For workflow and hardware provide some basic details of what's going on - there are no restrictions on what this has to be, but a short summary is much appeciated. This rule is enforced by a bot which checks for new posts and gives them 15 minutes to leave a comment before warning, and 30 minutes before removal.


    This is an example of a details module. Note that it includes some information that isn't required, such as the dock being used and the browser theme.


    If you're having problems with the formatting, here's how the above was made.

    + **Wallpaper**: [Rainbow Tiles]( by
    + **GTK**: [Ninix](
    + **Icons**: [Moka](
    + **Conky**: [Google Now](
    + **Dock**: [DockBarX](
    + **Other**: browser is Firefox with the [FXChrome theme](
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    8 years ago
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    Stay Strong (+ helpful links)

    My personal take on going through depression, including some useful links.

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    8 years ago
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    /t/french and /t/francophonie - french language related tribes

    /t/french - For everything related to french, but not absolutely french speaking people. Everything related to french language is welcome!
    /t/francophonie - This is a 100% French-speaking tribe, anyone who speaks french is welcomed here!

    Let's regroup, french speaking people :)

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    8 years ago
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    Modifications de la vocation de la tribu

    Suite aux commentaires de plusieurs des membres et ce, depuis l'ouverture de cette tribu, j'ai ressenti qu'il y avait un certain malaise quant à l'utilisation du nom anglais pour se regrouper entre francophones. Après avoir lu tous vos commentaires, j'ai donc pris la décision de changer la vocation de cette tribu à des fins plus généralistes de discussion à propos de la langue française et de ce qui s'y rattache - les pays francophones, l'apprentissage de la langue. Ici, aucune restriction sur la langue parlée, mais plutôt autour du sujet, la langue française.

    Cette tribu va donc être multilingue, mais aura le français comme sujet. Les communications seront donc bilingues (français/anglais) pour un souci de s'assurer la compréhension de ceux qui ne parlent pas le français, mais qui tentent d'apprendre ou qui sont tout simplement intéressés par cette langue.

    Ouverture d'une nouvelle tribu

    Le changement de vocation de la tribu /t/french déclenche donc l'ouverture d'une nouvelle tribu 100% francophone qui vient combler le besoin d'une tribu propre à nous, francophones et francophiles, où nous pourrons échanger dans notre langue. J'ai donc fondé la tribu /t/francophonie, titre initialement suggéré par /u/redalastor, où ce besoin sera comblé! Je vous invite donc à vous joindre à cette tribu, ainsi qu'à propager le nom. Comme le dit le proverbe, plus on est de fous, plus on rit!



    Changes to the tribe's vocation

    Following some members comments since the opening of this tribe, I felt some people had reserves on using an english-titled tribe to regroup French speaking people. After reading everyone's comments, I took the decision to change this tribe's vocation to discussing more generally around the French language itself and everything around it - French-speaking countries, learning the language. Here, no restrictions on the spoken language, but around the subject, the French language.

    Accordingly, this tribe will be a multilingual tribe, but will center around the French language. Communications will be bilingual (French and English) to let interested non-French speakers understand.

    Opening of a new tribe

    Changing /t/french's vocation led to needing another tribe for French-speaking people to talk together in our language, us francophones and francophiles. Here's /t/francophonie, title initially suggested by /u/redalastor, where this need will be fulfilled! I am then inviting you to join this tribe and propagate the name!

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    8 years ago
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    [Discussion] What's your experience?

    Hi there! Looking forward to share experiences with you guys! First thing I'd like to know about you guys is what do you do? Are you DMs, players? What do you play?

  • Video/Audio
    8 years ago
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    [Montreal, QC (Canada)] [Alt/Folk] The Franklin Electric

    Get ready for some varied examples from our local scene...

  • Unspecified
    8 years ago
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    /t/mechanicalkeyboards - Home

    Show off your mechanical keyboards, mods, share your customizations, keycaps. What are the best massdrop deals right now? Click-clickity-clack this way!

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    8 years ago
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    Possibility of an API

    I know quite a couple of people here have been requesting a mobile app, especially since the reddit exode, but that wouldn't really be possible without a working and documented API. I've seen rumors and talks by users left and right over the website, but I couldn't find any real sign of the possibility of an API coming out. I'm sure developers left and right would be interested in such a thing. I surely would be interested in messing around with it and eventually work on an Android app as a side-project from my current CS degree.

    I'd love to hear from an admin on it.

    • Is it in your plans in a short/medium timeframe?
    • If not, is it actually something that's considered?

    Thanks a lot, and sorry for the trouble! (oops, spot the canadian...)

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    8 years ago
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    /t/unixporn - Share your *nix desktops!


    Most redditors using Linux, BSD or other *nix who ever customized their desktops probably visited that place at least once. Linux users, assemble! It's a place to share, showoff, and help others achieve their own perfect desktop.

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    8 years ago
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    What do you do?

    Hey there! Primarily asking because I am curious of what you guys do with Python. I'm a CS student and started learning Python on my own a couple weeks ago. Love it so far, went through the Codecademy course and made a couple scripts for my Linux machine, but it'd be nice to see what you guys actually achieve with this!

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    8 years ago
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    /t/UnixPorn - share your *nix desktops!


    Direct ripoff from Reddit, I admit it. Still, there has to be some *nix users around here?

    FULL DISCLOSURE : I have nothing to do with the /r/unixporn people on Reddit. I simply took the liberty of reclaiming this tribe to secure it and make sure it is in good hands. I'm fully open to give them the mod status they had back on Reddit, because they really did a great job over there and I am sure, if they decide to spend some time over here, they would do the same.

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    8 years ago
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    [i3-gaps] Work in progress!

    I'm getting more and more hooked on i3, and the general ricing process. Can't stop thinking of new stuff to add to my configs...

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    8 years ago
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    [IDEA] Reddit Refugees thread

    Hello there!

    I am, like a lot of people today, a Reddit refugee. As newcomers, it is customary to be a good guest and be polite. We can already see that the current inflow of new arrivals already starts to fill /t/lounge with "Hello, I'm from Reddit" threads which, let's be honest, only will drown every single post under every other out there. I think, as a matter of courtesy, we could try and regroup all those into a single thread. It could be another thread or this one, I don't really care much!

    This community seems lovely, the website is gorgeous, and the site mechanics, while similar to Reddit's, looks a bit different. Make sure to read the first message you have in your inbox, describing how the site works. Don't throw downvotes left and right, use them sparingly.

    Let's do this (ex-)Redditors/new Snapzites, we can be good guests!

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