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/t/UnixPorn - share your *nix desktops!


Direct ripoff from Reddit, I admit it. Still, there has to be some *nix users around here?

FULL DISCLOSURE : I have nothing to do with the /r/unixporn people on Reddit. I simply took the liberty of reclaiming this tribe to secure it and make sure it is in good hands. I'm fully open to give them the mod status they had back on Reddit, because they really did a great job over there and I am sure, if they decide to spend some time over here, they would do the same.

3 years ago by folkrav with 6 comments

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  • cunt

    And here I was hoping that Snapzu would have rules against naming something *.porn unless it actually contained porn. Naming things *.porn removes a good segment of the userbase who browse at work/school/uni/home due to the content blockers at their place of work. This is one reddit trend I hope never takes off

    • Gozzin (edited 3 years ago)

      And I was hoping people would not be allowed to use cheap obscenities as user names,like yours. Is that supposed to be "cool" or something? It's not.

    • folkrav

      Well, that was to create a kind of commonplace for those who knew what unixporn was. It's unfortunate that such keyword filters still exists... They're inefficient and useless to block actually offensive content. I wanted to secure the preexisting, already pretty known (in that public at least) tribe name, in case mods from /r/unixporn were interested in expanding over here.

    • sin

      Like naming yourself "cunt"? :)

      • Gozzin

        Yeah, just the kind of crap everyone wants to see. Upvote for you.

        • sin

          I didn't get the upvote. Did you forgot to upvote or is that a bug?