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What is Snapzu?

Snapzu is a community of web communities. With thousands of user-run “tribes” across a plethora of topics and ideas, you will always find someone or something interesting to discover.

  • How does it work?

    Snapzu members can submit all sorts of web content such as links, articles, pics, and videos to a variety of unique user-managed communities for other like-minded people to discover. All members can up (or down) vote each and every post to determine its rank in each of the tribes it was submitted to, and possibly the Front Page.

    As with most web communities, discussion and other contributions are highly encouraged and allow members to connect and interact. Snapzu members can join tribes and/or follow other members, customizing their news feed (and front page) streams to their exact liking. Everyone's feed is very different and is the result of who they follow and where their interests lie.

  • What's our mission?

    Snapzu as a community platform is a place where people can share and discuss their interests free of judgment, and instead are welcomed with open arms by legions of other members that share similar views. With our "gamified" (for lack of a better word) approach, we give all new members the ability to establish an identity based on their online actions, shares and creative works.

    Privacy first: At a time when social networks are systematically dismantling personal privacy, it is Snapzu that embraces the concept of responsible anonymity.

    No censorship: We strongly believe that transparency and freedom of speech is vital to any community, especially online. For this reason, submitted content belongs to users and thus can never be removed. As the community grows and expands, we will continue keeping our censorship-free ideology as a top priority to uphold.

  • Note: Snapzu is currently invite only. If you would like to join, you can request an invite here.


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  • baron778

    Well put! And that video is hilarious and so true. I'm so sick of people faking everything on there.

  • phillygal

    I'm new here and looking forward to exploring Snapzu. From the glowing recommendation my friend gave for this site combined with a little lurking about to get a bit of a feel for it, I like what I see. I really enjoyed the video.

  • Cher

    One of the most interesting communities/sites I have seen yet.

    • drunkenninja

      Its great to have you! Be sure to check out my top 10 awesome features for a great list of what makes this place special :D

      • Cher

        Thank you, I'm looking forward to the experience. I appreciate you reaching out!

  • Zachary

    Is the site invite-only now? The 'visit your invites' page just brings me back to the front page.

    • Splitfish

      It did the same for me when I was logged out, but when logged in it worked fine.

  • janicewald

    Hi, I am new and confused. I posted an article yesterday with no problem. Today, I keep publishing but my new post isn't listed under my profile. Please advise. Thanks. Janice

    • drunkenninja

      Hi, Janicewald! Have you had a chance to get acquainted with the Snapzu rules?

      • janicewald

        Although I couldn't find the welcome video, I keep reading the rules. I am guessing I don't have enough experience points to post 2 in 2 days but I can't find that rule anywhere. On the contrary, it seems to say I get experience points BY posting. Thanks for trying to help me. Can you please explain?? Janice

        • drunkenninja

          Oh you definitely can post 2 snaps in 2 days, actually you can post as much as you like as long as you're following the 10% self promotion rule.

          Here is rule #2:

          Self-promotion IS allowed, but we ask that you follow the 10% sharing rule. If over 10% of your contributions to Snapzu consist of submitting links to a site(s) that you own or otherwise benefit from in some way (such as your blog/business/website), and additionally if you do not participate in discussions, or reply to people’s comments, you may be viewed as a spammer.

  • Aaron215 (edited 9 years ago)

    Hi! New here, I just got the invite and signed up. I had a question about your No Censorship policy. You say "No censorship: We strongly believe that transparency and freedom of speech is vital to any community, especially online. For this reason, submitted content belongs to users and thus can never be removed." (Emphasis mine). Just to clarify, you do remove content if it breaks one of your 12 etiquette rules, right? I imagine if someone posted a link to an article that qualified as hate speech, or someone rapidly posted a lot of empty text posts to farm XP, those would be deleted, correct? If not, why not?

    Sorry if this was asked already.. if I've learned one thing from my time on the internet, it's that I rarely have a thought that someone hasn't already brought up, I just am new to this website and haven't figured out how to search through the comments efficiently yet :-)

    EDIT: Welp, that's what I get for posting too hastily I guess. I found my own answer, here it is for anyone in the future who is looking for it:

    6. What is your stance on censorship?

    Unless the content is breaking site rules or any laws, it will not be edited or removed. We have plans on creating a public moderation log for each tribe, regardless of size, for full transparency.

    So yes, it will be deleted! :-)

  • Snikt

    "submitted content belongs to users and thus can never be removed". From your TOS: "We reserve the right to remove content alleged to be infringing without prior notice, at our sole discretion, and without liability to you."

    Uhmmm?? I don't get it.

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