[Discussion] What's your experience?

Hi there! Looking forward to share experiences with you guys! First thing I'd like to know about you guys is what do you do? Are you DMs, players? What do you play?

5 years ago by folkrav with 8 comments

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  • Fuyu

    I'm primarily a player. I tried DMing once, but it fell apart because the players started hating each other out of game. I've currently been working on fleshing out my own region for a Pokemon Tabletop Adventures campaign I hope to run among friends eventually.

    That being said, by far my favorite system is PTA. I have a hard time getting into the settings of a lot of games, but I love Pokemon, and the system actually being pretty decent makes it an easy favorite for me. I've also played D&D 3.5/4/5 and Pathfinder. Not a fan of 4e or 5e, and I'm not familiar enough with 3.5 (most of those campaigns flop pretty quickly) to really say one way or another. Pathfinder feels pretty solid, however. I've also played the Final Fantasy Pathfinder version and the classes were fun. I've played a few other systems as well but none of them stood out or were particularly fun for one reason or another.

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  • monkeydude9393

    I have experience as both player and DM (D&D 3.5e, 4e, Pathfinder). My favorite of those was 3.5e/pathfinder. Lately there has not been much opportunity for me to do either due to school requirements but I am looking to get into a game soon. I'm interested in jumping into D&D 5e although hesitation on behalf of a not so great experience with 4e makes me hesitant. I am also interested in looking for a futuristic sci-fi tabletop experience so suggestions are welcome.

  • racerxonclar

    Oh boy... this will be a long list.
    D&D 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5... Pathfinder, Shadowrun 4th edition, WFRP 2.0, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Mutants & Masterminds, BESM, Anima, Star Wars Saga, Numenera... Um... I think that's all of them lol...

    Generally, I'm a player, but I have DMed in both D&D 3.5 and Dark Heresy, though both campaigns died out really fast. Actually, everything I play in tends to die out fast. The WFRP campaign that lasted 2 years was the only one to break that trend.

  • folkrav

    I'm personally a player in a 3.5 campaign for the last year and a half. Same core group, with some new players, some left. Got my girlfriend into it too, she loves playing dumb but heavy hitters. She's now playing a half-orc monk, and loves her character, while I'm playing a sorcerer.

    Right now I'm preparing for my first DM 3.5 game : our DM is tired and wants to play for a while, and I agreed with him to co-DM the next game, then take the reins for after that. We'll see how I do! I was the one who showed interest, and most players are good and knowledgeable, so I shouldn't have too much trouble!

    • monkeydude9393

      DMing in 3.5 is really fun! I hope you enjoy your first experience.

      Enjoy the learning curve as well, you won't get everything perfect the first time and each session is a learning experience. In my opinion, those times when I had to work with the players were integral to the formation of my ability to compromise.

      Again, have fun with it! I wish you the best!

      • folkrav

        Thanks! I think it will be pretty fun. As I already established with the party, I'll start from the beginning, with lvl 1 characters, just to see how to manage a groups progression from the beginning. I really do hope everything will be okay :D