What do you do?

Hey there! Primarily asking because I am curious of what you guys do with Python. I'm a CS student and started learning Python on my own a couple weeks ago. Love it so far, went through the Codecademy course and made a couple scripts for my Linux machine, but it'd be nice to see what you guys actually achieve with this!

5 years ago by folkrav with 8 comments

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  • or4n

    I automate stuff at work. I make scripts that connects APIs from different systems like backup, ticket system, spam filters, email servers and such. Also I generate reports with it.

  • TwiSparklePony

    I am a college student in Computer Science and Engineering and my school teaches python as a first language.

    • folkrav

      Wow! Here my school still teaches C++ as a first language, and Java for OOP courses.

  • jmcs

    Everything, from log processors, to security proxies, to a Platform as a Service. Python is a very versatile language if you learn to use it right.

  • CoPilotBob

    A lot of scripting for Geographic Information Systems/Science, mostly working with ESRI platforms.

  • monkeytherat

    I used to make games in Pythonista (app for iOS), but nowadays I only use it when I need a script to automate something. Real Life Example: I had an html file with a select for each country such that the value of each option was a number but what was displayed was the country's name. I needed to store country names in my database, not arbitrary ID numbers, so I wrote a small Python script to rewrite the file.

  • sixstorm

    Sorry I'm late to the discussion. I'm an IT Project Engineer and while I'm more proficient with Powershell, I'm using Python to automate a few things and get creative with automation, mainly the things Powershell won't do like manipulate a web browser and such.

  • arthurk

    I work as a Python developer with mostly web related technologies like Django.