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Most redditors using Linux, BSD or other *nix who ever customized their desktops probably visited that place at least once. Linux users, assemble! It's a place to share, showoff, and help others achieve their own perfect desktop.

5 years ago by folkrav with 5 comments

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  • hallucigenia

    I'll tell you, the main thing that pushed me back into GNU/Linux was seeing screenshots of people's tricked-out desktops. There's nothing like a transparent terminal emulator with a green font to make you feel like a 1337 h4x0r.

    • folkrav

      I love ricing my desktop. I can spend hours doing that! Jesus is it fun. Messing around with config files... woooooot

  • picklefingers

    Reminds me. I told myself I was going to spiff up my I3 setup this weekend. Definitely joining.