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FAQ: Tribes

FAQ about tribes on Snapzu.

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      What are tribes?

      Tribes are user-run communities about a specific subject or idea where members can submit links, videos, and images or start discussions. Users are highly encouraged to subscribe (become a member) to any tribe that they may find interesting to become more involved, receive updates, and discover new content submitted by other Snapzu users.

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      What are the benefits of joining a tribe?

      Joining a tribe will add it to your "Tribes Feed" (one of your 3 main private feeds), where you can stay updated on the content that is posted in it. It also allows you to show up in a tribe's leader board, and earns you "Tribe Mastery".

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      What is tribe mastery?

      "Tribe Mastery" is essentially an influence indicator, and will update daily based on your activity in a particular tribe. Tribe Mastery always starts at, 0 and can rise all the way up to 100 if you are very active in a tribe. As this score rises, it will help in the sorting of your tribes, listing your most active tribes on top.

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      How can I join tribes?

      You can join tribes directly from the tribe's home page by clicking the "Join Tribe" button visible just under the tribe flag to the right, or by going to your Tribes settings page and going to the "Top Tribes" or "Up And Coming" tribes listings.

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      Can I create my own tribe?

      Absolutely. We encourage users to create tribes on subjects that they care about, but which currently do not have a tribe. Please only create a tribe if you are serious about running it and have the time to take care of it. Make sure you are active in your own tribe so that other users can find and join it.

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      How do I create my own tribe?

      You can create a tribe in the "Tribes Memberships" area of your account. To access this, you need to do the following:

      1. Access your "Member Menu" from the main top bar area.
      2. Click on the "Tribe Memberships" link just under the "Snap List" link.
      3. Click on the "Create Tribe" button located at the top of the right bar.

      Note: Please only create a tribe that you intend to properly maintain. Tribes need love and care to grow, and they wont grow on their own!

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      What are the benefits of creating a tribe?

      By founding a tribe, you are creating a completely new area of Snapzu with the potential to grow into a huge community of like-minded members sharing content and participating in the sharing of relevant content and discussions. You will become the founder of the tribe, and will receive “chief” status that allows you to moderate and steer the tribe into a direction that suits your personal vision. There aren't many things more exciting than creating a community and watching it grow into something great.

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      What is a "chief" of a tribe?

      A chief of a tribe is the user that is in charge of the tribe. This user has moderation powers and is able to remove snaps and ban problematic users from posting there.

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      How do I add moderators?

      You can add moderators by going to your tribe and selecting the "Manage Tribe" tab. From there you can go into the "Moderators" section. You can then enter in a username to find and select. Note: A user must be a member of the tribe to be eligible for a moderator position, otherwise they will not be located in the search results.

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      How can I increase my tribe's exposure?

      To help your tribe grow, we recommend the following:

      1. Promote and share your tribe with your friends and other peers that share the same interest in the subject as you do. It's always hard getting the first few members, so don't hesitate to get the word out using twitter, facebook, and your other favorite social spots! It also helps Snapzu grow as a community!

      2. Regularly post snaps into your new tribe. This will help increase exposure as all submitted tribes are displayed in each snap, and on various other pages listing them.

      3. If you are high enough level, spend some time to find a quality background and flag (avatar) for your tribe. This lets other users know that it's active and being cared for.

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      Can I renounce my tribe?

      Yes you can renounce your tribe at any time and allow another user to take over it from there. This should only be done if you are certain that you cannot continue to maintain the tribe in question.

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      Can I claim an abandoned tribe?

      Yes, if the user of a tribe has been inactive for 3 months, you can claim an abandoned tribe. The definition of inactivity is lack of logging in, not lack of actions. In the event that you want to claim a tribe, you can post to the /t/reclaimtribe tribe.

  • More Questions?

    If you have any additional questions you feel need to be answered in this FAQ, please post in the below comments section. We are constantly looking to update this section!


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  • spaceghoti

    Clearly tribes can have levels just like users. What contributes to a tribe's level?

    • drunkenninja

      Member count.

      • spaceghoti

        Ah, thank you.

      • UpAndRunning

        Out of pure curiosity, can you tell me what is the algorithm for the tribe's level depending on its members count?

        • drunkenninja

          There really is no algorithm for this, instead it's a simple member count prerequisite approach.
          Here are the member numbers for each tribe level:

          Level 1 - 0+ members
          Level 2 - 9+ members
          Level 3 - 40+ members
          Level 4 - 100+ members
          Level 5 - 300+ members
          Level 6 - 1,000+ members
          Level 7 - 3,000+ members
          Level 8 - 10,000+ members
          Level 9 - 30,000+ members
          Level 10 - 100,000+ members
          Level 11 - 300,000+ members
          Level 12 - 1,000,000+ members (currently maximum level)

  • nublargh

    Is there a way to make a tribe "private"?

    as in, to allow only approved members to post AND see any content in the tribe?

    • sick

      Same question here too man. I want to have a private tribe just for my Community Officers. Now, if there was a way I could set categories in my own tribe and set permissions based on who could view those categories, then THAT would be ideal. I could then just have ONE tribe and set different levels of access to see posts within the tribe.

      Perhaps this feature already exists and we just don' t know it?

  • DroidDev

    How do I add a moderator to my tribe?

    • teamsnapzu

      Hi DroidDev, there is currently no way of adding moderators. This feature will however be available shortly.

  • DeltaSquad

    do I have to be a specific level to create a tribe? I cant see the create tribe button under manage tribes tab.

    • skeeva

      I dont see the create a tribe button either. Has this been disabled due to the influx of members ?

      • [Deleted Profile] (edited 8 years ago)

        [This comment was removed]

  • kxh (edited 8 years ago)

    What does it mean "switch tribes to discussion mode"?

    Oh, I just read about it in the manage tribes area.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • joe00uk

    How do I see who else has joined my tribe? It tells me my tribe has another member but I cannot see who this new member is.

  • Ladysfi

    Why do I not get the create a tribe button. I actually had someone send me a gif of what to do and he had a button that I do not. Under my "face"/show all. I am new and have 1 tribe. Is there a limit at level 5?

  • godsofmayhem

    What if instead of creating a tribe you joined one that looks like its not being used anymore...after I earn enough points can I ...become a moderator of it or something?

    • spaceghoti

      On the side of the page (assuming your screen is wide enough) you'll see the name of the current chief. You can PM that chief to request they hand it over to you or if they don't respond contact teamsnapzu (as described above) to request that the chief be removed. You can then claim the tribe. You don't need to have made a minimum contribution first, although an admin may notice and ask you if you're interested anyway.

      • godsofmayhem

        I don't seem to know how to message tnint5r. He is only chief to the esports tribe. No post there for a year. I will try to figure out how to PM but if you could help that would be great =)

        • spaceghoti

          You can access his profile like this: http://snapzu.com/tnint5r

          Based on that he hasn't been active in at least a year. So go to /t/reclaimtribe and start a new discussion requesting to be allowed to claim the tribe in question since the current chief is inactive.

  • NinjaTurkey

    How does one unsubscribe from a tribe if it's not being used anymore?

    • skeeva

      Click on your profile pic in the top right then tribe subscriptions. You can quit from that list (and join new ones).

  • Juka

    Something about claiming a dead tribe should be posted too

  • Urbanknight4

    I can't seem to claim or create tribes. I can make 5 more but when I click the green button to "Claim this Tribe", it doesn't do anything!

    • PDX

      Same. I created a tribe 2 days ago and have the ability to create 4 more, but nothing happens when I click the button. No feedback, error message or anything.

      • Urbanknight4

        Maybe it's something happening to everyone? Do you know who we can PM about this?

  • Snikt

    There doesn't seem to be a complete tribe index or tribe search function? How do I even find out if there is a tribe for my interests?


    I do not see the <Join Tribe> button and I'm really confused.

    p.s. - I'm a reddit refugee

    • Fooferhill

      you must be on a desktop to see the "create tribe" button. Doesnt work on mobile devices.

  • MePLUR

    I just hit level 12, which increased the number of tribes I can create to 9. I did so, and also renounced a couple of tribes (which means I still have 7 tribes), but now it says I can create 0 additional tribes at my current level. Is this expected behavior or a bug?

  • bkmacdaddy (edited 9 years ago)

    What if the current chief of a tribe hasn't posted anything anywhere on Snapzu for over a year and hasn't maintained the tribe (no background, flag, etc.) Is there a way I can take over and become the chief to breathe life into the tribe?

    • [Deleted Profile]

      [This comment was removed]

  • calories

    I wish there was an option that allowed a certain tribe to allow posting by approval only so that all posts / comments could be held for moderation. Not necessarily comments, but posts.

  • nik

    Is the only way to level up a tribe member count? I really want to add a banner to my tribe to make it more customized and welcoming but it's only at level 2.

    • MePLUR

      The ability to upload a custom banner is dependent on your level (available at level 6).

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