• spaceghoti

    On the side of the page (assuming your screen is wide enough) you'll see the name of the current chief. You can PM that chief to request they hand it over to you or if they don't respond contact teamsnapzu (as described above) to request that the chief be removed. You can then claim the tribe. You don't need to have made a minimum contribution first, although an admin may notice and ask you if you're interested anyway.

    • godsofmayhem

      I don't seem to know how to message tnint5r. He is only chief to the esports tribe. No post there for a year. I will try to figure out how to PM but if you could help that would be great =)

      • spaceghoti

        You can access his profile like this: http://snapzu.com/tnint5r

        Based on that he hasn't been active in at least a year. So go to /t/reclaimtribe and start a new discussion requesting to be allowed to claim the tribe in question since the current chief is inactive.