New redditors, what about the current drama made you leave?

8 years ago by Endergun with 32 comments

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  • massani

    Hmmm... I would probably say the overall site in general. I would lurk every day if I could for a couple hours or more. I think it made me very cynical over the last few years, which is weird thing to admit. I took posts a bit more than just at face value, and I adjusted my opinions based on "upvoted" comments. Basically, I succumbed to hivemind/circlejerk that existed there. I thought I was much better than other people who didn't enjoy reddit as much as me, or could understand all the "dank memes" and whatnot. Over the past month or so, I've realized how negative I was becoming.

    After this whole management debacle, I decided it was probably best to leave. Although it doesn't affect me as much since I was a user and not a moderator, I still would prefer to not invest my time into a site that treats their moderators poorly. I'm sure I will still visit reddit often, but definitely not as much as I was doing. There are a lot of great smaller, niche communities over there. But like I said in another discussion post, there are still plenty of awful people in those communities.

    I really like what this site has to offer, so I will be investing in much more of my time here. I would love for Snapzu to be successful.

    • Arbituz

      I'm with you on how I feel about Reddit in general. I've felt like it's been time for me to leave for awhile now, but needed somewhere else to go first. I used Reddit for everything; news, reviews, funny pictures, etc. I was excited when things started going downhill the first time because I knew there would be talks of new places similar to Reddit. I tried Voat when things got bad and wasn't impressed. I got a very /b/ vibe from it and only lurked for a day or so before going back to Reddit.

      Fast forward to today. Somebody mentioned Snapzu and I immediately jumped at the chance to join a new community. I've been on here all day today and I'm still finding new things about the site and interesting tribes to join. I'm really hoping Snapzu can take off while still maintaining the feel of a good small community.

    • iansane138

      I fully agree with you, too. I became a negative person quick to judge and jump onto wagons in upvoting and circle-jerking mentality just to be apart of the majority at hand. Seeing all of the news come out on how admins were treating and performing with mods and their decisions made me critical of the site and my state of mind. Ultimately, and just like you, I realized it'd be better to leave because of how the communities were and how they affected my internet self.

    • HiddenSage

      This sounds almost exactly like my thoughts. With a small handful of exceptions (looking at you, r/kerbalspaceprogram), subreddits where interesting content was a regular thing and bigotry wasn't were getting scarce. Add to that an almost guarantee that quality is going to drop further as the mods get tied up in web drama and spend less time moderating in the near future, and reddit doesn't sound like it will be as much fun in the next few months.

  • CubeFan

    I was really turned off by the way the administration handled the situation. They abused the integrity of the community by turning us into a product they sold off to ad companies, and they disrespected us by not communicating and, when they did, being incredibly arrogant. I just want a place I can share ideas and content without having to deal with corporate drones, honestly.


    The fact that subreddits were shutting down and the amount of bigots and trolls to begin with. Of course Ellen Pao as well whom fired many employees for no reason really. (once cause they had cancer) When Victoria, the main person behind /r/IAma was cut lose the whole community lost it and nothing is really being done to fix it. I no longer want to support Ellen Pao and what she has made of reddit. So I came here and am loving it so far.

  • frozencloud

    All that's going to be posted in the next week will just be how horrible Ellen Pao is and how much they want Victoria back. I want actual content on my front page, not some workplace drama. So here I am, and I'm really enjoying the new tribes I've been seeing pop up as a result of the reddit exodus.

  • Teakay (edited 8 years ago)

    I haven't really left, I just sort of took advantage of the opportunity. With all of the "reddit alternatives" being discussed, it seemed like the perfect time to branch out and explore new websites. I'm usually only active in small subreddits, so the current drama hasn't really affected me, and I don't really plan on leaving completely unless things go downhill from here. I don't expect some of the small subreddits I try to participate in, such as /r/psp, to appear here anytime soon, so I'm a bit tied to reddit still if I don't want to lose some of these topics. I figured I'd join some new sites to keep an eye on them and, in the case of this one, participate in a new community.

    You know what? I might just make a /t/psp since the chances of the reddit /r/psp creator porting it here are probably slim...

  • Orilly

    I was already in two minds about the site, before AskReddit went dark. I had got into the habit of scanning AskReddit most evenings after work and was already finding it becoming excessively repetitive and juvenile. No disrespect to teenaged users but their topics of interest don't tend to jibe that well with my own as a mid-30s woman.

    For me a large part of my discomfort was also the sense that I didn't actually want other users to know I was a woman. Even on the well-moderated, uncontroversial subreddits, there was a lot of really sexist language and it was wearing me down. It was starting to feel like the occasional laughs I was getting from reading other people's clever repartee wasn't worth the feeling of alienation that came with it.

    • kraftykitty

      I completely agree about being female on Reddit - it was usually so much better not to let anyone know. Sometimes it was really annoying to be treated differently strictly because I have a different party going on between my legs. I mean, sometimes the content or responses were cute or funny, but a lot of the time it was just rude, sexist, or even somewhat aggressive.. Every time a redditor revealed she was a girl, there was always that kind of lame and creepy response "RIP your inbox." No thank you.

    • ScroogeMcDuck

      This touches on a good point. I had mostly been sticking to some of the sports subs and askreddit, but like you, found the quality was dropping rapidly over the past year-ish. It went from being a place where you could read some good stories and insights into who could post the most ridiculous thing. That, and the thread topics became, as you said, more juvenile and repetitive.

      I had been trying to find alternatives for a while, and this latest fiasco simply provided the opportunity to leave. Seems like a lot of others may have been in the same boat.

  • Hibou

    Between how the administration handled things and how the community as a whole completely degraded over the past few years in general, I just felt it was time to leave. Things HAVE changed quite a bit over the years, subtle though some may be, and I wasn't really active on Reddit because I didn't feel it would matter. Now, I'm all for supporting our rights as a community and showing we're more than just a profit generator - but folks weren't sticking to their statements (as always happens with Reddit). Pretty soon the whole matter was already "Remember when subreddits...", another page in Reddit's dramatic history. Frankly I'm tired of it and the lack of decent content.

  • Palmento

    I'll go ahead and copy my post from r/offmychest.

    I have to say, at the beginning of this debacle, I was in complete agreement with the mods of those subreddits affected by Victoria's departure, and I still believe they have some valid points. However, the reactions of the userbase has invalidated those same points for any outsiders looking in. I'll be honest, the whole "Chairman Pao" thing is what bothers me the most. As an chinese-american with family that fought against the Red Army and the communist rebellion, I find the comparison more than a bit offensive. I also have issues with people sending death threats and PMs like "Kill yourself" to others because they mismanaged your favorite website. All in all, I've decided to move on from Reddit in search of Greener Pastures. I will say that although the admin's mismanagement of issues was the catalyst for my leaving, it was the user base themselves that put the final nail in this coffin.

  • yuta

    Found myself not using reddit all that much over the last year, and the quality of the content declined over the past few years. The front page used to be filled with actual though-provoking articles, and passionate, reasoned discussions. Slowly, that content was replaced with imgur links to pictures or gifs, or TIFU-type stories that were, yes, occasionally funny/interesting, but also were lacking in substance. And now, the content has gone meta. It's just not interesting.

    I also don't want to support a company that doesn't appreciate their users, when the users are the ones that help them make money.

    I want to learn more, and not read or view content that was regurgitated. I want to participate in a community (whether directly or indirectly) that adds value to our lives. A lot of the smaller subreddits were very useful in making changes in my own life. r/fitness, r/progresspics, and even r/fph for example. I'll still go to those small subreddits that have an established community, but I'm optimistic that there will be replacements that will allow me not to visit reddit anymore.

    • Orilly

      This is a big part of why I was tiring of reddit as well. It had gone from being frequently inspiring, to tedious and frustrating. Finding intelligent content was just getting too hard.

  • worfldorf

    It was sort of the straw that broke the camels back.

    The main turn-off for me was the increasingly bitter meta-political war going on and the huge influx off bigots, trolls and fascists from /pol/; Reddit's admins proved unable or unwilling to step in to prevent the levels of harassment, shitposting and brigading (with exception to the FPH debacle) that were going on and basically allowed the meta war to permeate into every sub on the site.

  • casuallynoted

    I just really dislike a lot of the ways the moderators have handled recent things, and I feel like that lack of transparency violates what I liked so much about the site.

    • Fuyu

      I was fed up a long time ago specifically because of this over at the League of Legends subreddit. I don't even remember exactly what it was except for the mods were acting incredibly shady and making really questionable decisions about what content they removed.

      With this recent drama, what the admins did was no doubt crappy, but the mods blacking everything out wasn't really in the best interest of the users. I go on Reddit to mindlessly browse, not be a victim of mod activism.

  • shadow1515

    The pushing of reddit gold was getting pretty annoying, but the final straw was poor management decisions causing several of my favorite subs to go dark. I go to sites like this as a fun way to kill time, if I'm going to load it up and have to deal with the stress of the whole thing being down for an indefinite amount of time due to drama I figure it's better just to find a different Internet home with a less volatile community.

  • ColonBowel

    A major problem was that /r/askreddit was turning into a text-only /r/funny

  • edmb

    I was tired of a new "scandal" popping up every few weeks and taking the front page by storm. I'll still probably use reddit just for some of the subreddits, though.

  • Polyloach

    I'm just sick of drama entirely. I get it at work, at home, all day everyday. Drama on the internet is just too much.

    Also, I want to waste less time staring at random stuff and try to get more focused on producing instead of consuming... maybe switching will help me give up this type of time sink entirely.

  • iansane138 (edited 8 years ago)

    Beyond all of negative things that were happening, I made a few comments on a post several weeks back and I was made fun of and insulted just for the sake of it. I even broke down in a way and said something similar to, "Hey, man, you win. You really ruined a total stranger's night," and got downvoted for even saying that. I had similar experiences here and there, and if that's what reddit was turning into and had become I didn't want to be apart of it anymore.

  • eikonoklastes

    It was basically the power-structure.

    On one hand there are power users moderating most of the default subreddits and many others, discussing things in private subreddits and synchronizing their actions, leading to scenarios where five of them don't like a topic it gets banned on perhaps nearly all meaningful subreddits. That sucks and the first time it hurt was during the GamerGate stuff, where every opinion not in favor of SJWs was silenced. As a gamer, I would not like to be called a rapist manchild in inflammatory blanket-statements sanctioned by power users.

    On the other there are the admins, doing nothing meaningful all day long as far as the average user can see, to the point where even the power users are getting pissed. There are loads of fixes in the Git repository they don't even glance at - it would just take a short review to make the site more stable or fix/add a feature. Getting into contact with any staff member is like praying to a god, don't expect an answer, that's not how support works. And then all the transparency talk, filthy liars.

    This makes me feel caged, always wondering what's getting deleted and what I am allowed to see. I'd rather not be manipulated, thanks. Especially the drama surrounding the politics and europe subreddits, it's gruesome. I just want neutral ground where no one makes an ass of themselves.

  • Zorgon

    So I could really care less about the whole administrative side of things that took place there.

    What got to me - what I found to be the dumbest thing ever, was the response of the community. Like seriously? Shutting down all of the sub-reddits because someone you like was fired? After a long day at work, I really don't want to read opinion hour on how administrators are abusing people choosing to be there. I want to hang out somewhere with interesting articles, discussions, and people.

  • utesred

    I most certainly haven't left, but the current drama did start me asking if there was another alternative out there for me.

    Specifically, the biggest issue for me that's pushing me away from reddit is that I am finding it harder and harder to support and trust the admins/owners. Supporting the companies/groups/people I associate with is really important to me. Recently, I have grown to trust the key decision makers at reddit less and less. Lack of communication, poor decisions, strife within the workplace, and other problems have been key indicators of what has been going on under the surface.

    I don't think reddit is going down or anything....not anytime soon, at least. Still, that doesn't mean that I can't find a new home for my internet.

  • GoyzIIMensch

    For me it wasn't even this last bit of drama that did it. I've been sick of Reddit for a long time, I've just been trying to find somewhere to go. While I've been sick of the admins for a long time, it was the "power mods" that I really couldn't stand. There are mods there with hundreds of subs in their control and they were out of control. They censor what they don't want you to see, promote what they want you to believe or buy, and if you say anything against them to the wrong ones then you are banned. Reddit hasn't been a place for free thought for a long time, way before this last bunch of hoopla. I'm glad it's coming to an end, if not entirely then at least for me.

  • Fooferhill

    So Reddit collapses under the weight of it's own self important attitude- sparked by the unlikely dismissal of one of its brighter stars. Reddit mods seize the day and unleash with both barrels, effectively emasculating Reddit in the process. Were they really so poorly done by, or just a bunch of tech geeks with a virtual relationship with the Reddit Admin that got tossed. The outrage sounds more like broken hearts-lost without their virtual girly to keep them happy and important feeling. The cries from this angry mob of "volunteers", complaining they are under appreciated tells us they are strangers to altruism-really just self serving narcissists no better than the Facebook and Twitter masses. The dissolving of the Reddit community -who have effectively been cutoff by a power wielding few, can only be a good thing, as new communities are identified and thrive. As one migrant who is happy to move to the free world, I am relishing casting off the uncool and obsolete Reddit in favour of a community that still retains a sense of community. Who's with me?

  • annexi

    It was about time - I didn't even comment anymore and just lurked around killing time. The recent drama was just the last push to leave a website that was becoming more and more worthless.

  • Dottn

    Honestly, the fact that it became a drama. When a company's actions affect their entire product in such a negative way, it heralds the end of something. I sincerely doubt that this is something reddit can recover from in an easy way. I will still visit for things like /r/ParadoxPlaza, /r/askhistorians, /r/kerbalspaceprogram, and /r/visualnovels, as these were rather unaffected and may take some time to migrate elsewhere. And considering my usage patterns, they would totally flop if I tried to create such tribes here.

  • Lawdog

    I've been trying to get out for a while. Whenever there's a new beginning of the end, I check out the alternatives. I wasnt particularly interested in the drama despite Victorias work with AMAs. Until Snapzu, they've all been too inactive, too ugly, or too dark and full of terrors. I don't want a reddit clone. I never like the interface there. It's the content I'm after.

  • Heaven

    The community is turning racist and hateful, and to be honest the blackout on a lot of the subreddits made me realize that I only really was going there for news. I prefer this website now because I actually read the news articles, not just the comments on the articles.