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Hey Snapzites, how did you get that scar?

My, probably scariest, scar is on my tongue. When I was just a wittle Geepwee we had physical excercise in Kindergarden. Being the clown I always have been I ran around with my tongue sticking out to feign exhaustion, however there was an even bigger clown that thought he should run in the wrong direction. Things came to a head (rimshot) when we collided. Head on. And once he was apllied directly to my forehead I noticed quite a lot of blood, and the problem was it was mine. I bit clean through the middle of my tongue and made a sizeable hole into it. I was brought to the ER and stitched back up plus I got the kindergartener to faint!

Everything is fine today, but my tongue will always have a sizeable scar, reminding me to not stick my tongue out.

So how did you get your scar?

Edit: Oops, didn't have my terminology correct! Thanks /u/chubros :)

4 years ago by genuineparts with 72 comments

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  • Splitfish (edited 4 years ago)

    I was making a table in woodworking class and put pegs into the holes with the screws and then let the glue sit. The next day I had to chisel off the peg endings to finish that part of the table. I held it way wrong and chiseled my thumb with full force after going thru the peg like butter. I just stood there and could see inside there, bone and everything and then a few seconds later blood came gushing out. Ended up going to the school nurse and they stitched it up but now I have a inch long scar on my thumb. I went on to finish the table like a champ.

    • genuineparts

      Props to you on finishing. My resolve starts to fade as soon as I see bone. I would have fainted.

  • hitthee (edited 4 years ago)

    which scar?

    The slash on my left hand below the thumb? an honest to god sword fight. I enjoy fencing but am not snobby we were messing around with antique rapiers and well my friend was always faster with a blade than I am.

    The V shaped scar on my right hand? A disgruntled jerk caused it at a job I had as a teen. He shoved razor blades under a table the day he was let go and my first day there I was told to move that table. It wasn't fun.

    The damage along my index finger, middle finger and palm ? really bad luck. I was working with a beautiful piece of birds eye maple again as a teen in shop class. Unfortunately for me I was unaware of the ancient iron nail embedded in the wood. The wood hit me in the chest cracking some ribs I went forward into the blade. It was not fun. They put my hand back together with bits of string.

    The one on my ass? well I tried to teach a former girlfriend of mine back in my college days to shoot a bow and arrow. She wanted to learn and I wanted some ass... it didn't work out that way. She shot the arrow in my ass despite the fact I was behind her and to the left... I still don't know how she managed that.

    The wrist scars? lefty is a suicide attempt and righty was me being an idiot 2 year old trying to see if a vase would bounce if I threw it on the ground.

    Ankle? meh surgery required after tripping over my dog.

    Oh I forgot one! my inner lip! that was due to a one in a billion fluke reaction to an injection given to me by my dentist as a small child which resulted in a life long mortal terror of needles.

    I sometimes wonder how the heck I am still alive.

    • genuineparts

      Uh... wow. Did you consider... you know stying away from sharp objects?

      In all seriousness tho, I can appreciate a scar from a swordfight, injuries while working on stuff but shoving razorblades under a desk? Who the hell does that? And getting shot with bow and arrow by your Girlfriend of all things. You are a very interesting person! xD

      Sorry to hear about your suicide attempt :/ hope you're doing better?

      • hitthee

        hah yeah as I look around at all the pointy things around me maybe I should.

        Life beat me down so low, people lie and assume whatcha going do? heh thankfully I have a dog.

        If I couldn't laugh at myself I'd probably have broke a long time ago ;) you've got to see the humour in well everything :D

  • CuppaMatt

    I..... I tried to jump over a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs because I was in a rush to get to the bus when I was about 17. Instead I mis-judged it and the top of the gate ripped half the skin off of the front of my left shin.

    My story is pretty damn un-cool.

    I'm not sure what fake heroic war story I will tell the future grandchildren yet.

  • Polygon

    I've only got one scar and it's on my eyebrow. I was like 2-3 and I had managed to basically slam my head into a chair. I never really understood how I did it, but it had to do with me climbing to get some toy my parents left up on the table, and well I slipped and broke my eyebrow.

    • BigFoote

      Does your eyebrow grow hair where the scar is? My friend and I were slap-boxing and he hit my eyebrow with his watch, resulting in a small scar on my right eyebrow. It's a really visible scar despite it's size because the hair on that part of my eyebrow no longer grows.

      • Polygon

        No hair grows on the scar, but it was kind of in the middle so it gets covered by the surrounding hairs.

    • 8mm

      Never broke my eyebrow before

      • Polygon

        As far as I've heard it's pretty difficult. :)

  • Lawdog

    I got in a fight with a knife wielding robot. The son of a bitch cut me while I was out cold, but I still won. Technically speaking, that's mostly accurate, and it sounds better than partial phrenectomy.

  • wrmnthewoodwork

    Like others, I have multiples.

    First scar at 5 weeks old from surgery on pyloric stenosis.

    A scar on my elbow from taking a corner too quick on a gravel drive with my bike.

    A scar on my left knee from learning how to bike on a gravel drive.

    A few self inflicted scars on my left wrist and hand for reasons I still don't know myself.

    Nearly lost the tip of my left index finger when pushing wood through a table saw with a guide. That one hurt, but at least I still have most of the fingertip.

    A scar on my hand from digging around in the dirt and encountering a piece of glass underneath the surface.

    A scar on my back when I had a mole removed for a biopsy (negative for melanoma).

    Multiple scars on my head (you can't see them as they're underneath my hair) from being spatially unaware as both a child and adult.

    A triangular shaped scar on my left forearm from the corner of a fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie sheet.

    I'm honestly surprised I don't have more. I am a total klutz, and don't practise the best safety habits when using power tools. It didn't leave a scar, but I fell off a ladder holding a running chainsaw when cutting down a tree limb a few years back. Ended up with a partially torn rotator cuff that still bugs me to this day.

  • Chubros

    Ouch sounds really painful, esp for a kid. BTW it's "snapzites"!

    • genuineparts (edited 4 years ago)

      Fixed! Sorry :) Funnily enough it was not all that painful, I assume the shock dulled the initial pain and then the ER guys gave me stuff. The recovery was much worse since I could not enjoy a popsicle ice since sucking on stuff hurt. Shows that my kid brain most vividly remembers "Not being able to eat ice" out of the whole ordeal xD

  • xef6

    Well, mine are all residues from lung operations. Does that count?

    • TheDylantula

      Duuuuuude, you stole MY story :( was your collapse spontaneous? And do you remember the collapse %?

      • xef6

        The first one was, but the others were triggered by some stupidly small movements. And yeah I remember. The first time was especially bizarre. I realized I was having trouble breathing, after a few days I decided something was wrong, and that night they put a catheter through my chest. How was yours, if I may ask?

        • TheDylantula

          My first was spontaneous, the second was just the first one recollapsing through the same hole. My first time collapsed slowly. I had about 6 months of going to the doctor trying to figure out what was wrong. I got a chest x-ray about 1 week in, but it came back negative because it was still a small collapse. Then about 5 months later it had gotten to I believe 65% collapsed. The second one was the bizarre one for me. I woke up one morning and it just didn't feel right. Went in to the hospital later and said "I'm having a little bit of chest pain, I had a collapsed lung about 2 months ago, and this feels very similar and I want to get it checked out." Nurses actually laughed at me and said there was no way I had a lung collapse. Got an x-ray, then the doctor came in and told me that I had a 92% collapse. I looked surprised, then the doctor said he was surprised ,too, as "people with that big a collapse shouldn't walk in saying they "a little bit of pain", in fact, they shouldn't walk in at all"

    • genuineparts

      Of course! Do you feel comfortable sharing why you needed those operations?

      • xef6

        Long story short, collapsing. At least I now have to stay away from smoking. So the glass is more than half-full.

  • Iscalar

    Ooh, I have 4 noticeable scars all with a little story to themselves.

    My first, is a very small scar next to the corner of my right eye, when I was a child I was a notorious biscuit bandit, especially loving chocolate digestives, which my mother would store out of reach from myself. One day I dared climbed my personal mount everest at the humble age of 4, climbing on all the kitchen surfaces to get to the delicious treats awaiting on top. Unfortunately as I grabbed them I slipped, and on the way to the crash on the floor happened to split my eye on a (Ironically.) Child safety lock device meant to keep the fridge closed from me (As I had a habit of leaving it open.) A few millimeters to the left and I would have a blinded right eye. Kids eye.

    My second, an appendicitis scar, an interesting but bit saddening a story seeing as I went in for my operation on September the 10th 2001 night time, after waking up the next day to the news with no context and everybody watching, I was quickly hushed by my embarrassed mother after I asked "What movie are we watching?" who didn't even realize that her baby had just woken up from a major operation due to the obvious horrible events partaking on the screen in front of her.

    My third, A large oval shaped scar on the joint of my right elbow, caused by running to fast as a kid, falling, skidding and grazing all the skin off, this one is my personal favourate because I got to meet a nice lady in the staff area in tesco with my older sister (Who was looking after me.) who bandaged it up, and gave me a free toy story cup and some black currant juice to calm me down, wonder where that cup has gotten to today. Also for a few years after it would go excessively bright pink after water contact, no idea why, but I found it amusing.

    And Finally, A small scar on my left left just above the knee were some 13 year old stabbed me with a screwdriver when I was about 11 because I had built a "Base" in the woods near our place (Some bits of wood to make rudimentary shelter for me and my friends to play in, kid stuff.) He didn't like that I didn't want him to come in because he was known to be ... well . . . an asshole. He them set out to prove to me he wasn't an asshole by violently stabbing me, I think I was right in my judgement.

    And that's them all ^-^ Scars are funky man.

  • ottermatic

    The one above my eyebrow, that's from that time when I was 3, and I jumped off a coffee table and managed to hit my head on it.

    The other one above my eyebrow, right next to it? That's from when I was 3, and I jumped off a coffee table to see if it would have a different result. It did not.

  • Idontmindturtle (edited 4 years ago)

    Loved the idea of pulling sick tricks on a skateboard when I was about 6. Sisters around 10 years old wanted to be cool too. Dad got us a quarter pipe as a trial. Within 24 hours, I fell off the top of said quarterpipe and landed face first onto bluestone. Have a permanent scar between my top lip and my nose. Also no longer have a quarter pipe.

  • pixelboot

    On my right hand, I have a scar that sits directly across my knuckle - when i was a little kid at the petting zoo, there was an ostrich. I very clearly remember my dad saying, "pixelboot, don't poke the ostriches! They will think your finger is food and bite you!" and so I immediately poked the ostrich to test this theory. Turns out my dad was 100% correct, and the ostrich immediately bit me, leaving a massive scar that I still have to this day.

  • shadow1515

    I was 11 years old and at a friend's house. We were sitting on the floor playing Uniracers, and his dog came in from outside. It walked up, sniffed my face, then tried to take a chunk out of the side of it. Really pleasant golden retriever otherwise, I'm not sure what his issue was. Maybe he smelled my cat on me.

  • KingWizard (edited 4 years ago)

    When I was two I accidentally dropped a pot of boiling coffee off of the top of my fridge, which is where my mom put it to keep it away from me although that clearly didn't work. But for about 2 years my body was covered in scars. I'm 20 now and the scar currently covers my left shoulder and barely part of my upper back but it just looks like a lopsided cross. Anyways it's not as noticeable since it is fading. I also have other scars ranging from being stabbed with a pencil, cutting myself with a knife, one on my knuckle for getting into a fight, and so on.

  • MelonLord

    I was playing with a lighter and heated up my metal nail clippers. Somehow, the heated part of the clippers ended up making contact with my shoulder. This happened more recently than I'd like to admit.

  • SallyCamaro (edited 4 years ago)

    Alright, the most noticeable one I can think od is on my left side on my ribs, its about the size of an (American) silver dollar, I was hiking with some friends at the age of 16(?), we live in n area in KY that is well known for its hiking trails and natural formations (waterfalls, arches, and the like), anyway, it had been raining and this was a trail that was a super steep angle, my friend behind me tripped, and landed on me causing me to fall forward, because of the recent rain and storms there were sticks and limbs on some spots on the trail, and I just so happened to be lucky enough to fall on one and it stab into my side... One of my other friends (not the clumsy one) packed me out and drove me to urgent care, where I spent about an hour and 25 minutes getting the stick and splinters removed, they decided not to stitch it and just have me keep it bandaged

  • nyx

    I surprised my parents by going from a completely still state to learning how to walk in a day. Unfortunately, on my way between my room and the balcony where my oblivious-to-the-whole-situation parents where hanging out I cut my foot on a broken dish that was inside the garbage bag they were about to throw out, probably because I actually needed the wall it was standing against to balance my first time steps. I bled all the way to the balcony without making a sound and then sat down crying as soon as my horrified parents looked and realized what was happening. Needless to say, I'm a first (and only) child.

  • hirschsprung

    Got many scars, but the one that is talked about the most is the one covering my stomach. I was born this Hirschsprung, and a the doctor claimed they couldn't do anything about it. So, long story short, the scar goes from my last rib and zig-zags across my stomach and ends just above my junk. I was cut open quite a few times, so the scars are rather rough in comparison . Whenever someone ask I tell them anything from having been stabbed to a botched c-section.

    Not sure if that counts as it's basically several scars merged in to one giant monster.

  • sarcasimo

    The scar on my head is from me being in the unscheduled flight path of a chair.

    The scar on my knee is from falling on one of those disposable Bic razor blades in the shower.

  • indicasloth

    I have quite a few scars, but these are the ones I am proudest of.

    Scar 1: Lower Chin, Skateboarding down a hill that was crowned inward. Speed wobbles start going like crazy and before I can formulate an escape plan I am flying head first into the asphalt. I managed to get my hand out and reduce the impact force a bit in exchange for a chunk of skin, but my face still plowed into the ground chin first. I remember my first thought was "oh shit, my teeth" and reach up to make sure they are all there, my hand came back covered in blood. I grabbed my board and headed back to my girlfriends house. Oh the look on her face when she answered the door. Get myself to a mirror, and realize that a sizable chunk of my chin is just gone. Off to ER for stitches, great doc did three layers of 8 stitches to put my chin back together, about an inch long scar is all that remains. I also had a basil skull fracture and hairline fracture in my lower jaw which kept me in the hospital for a day or so, I will never forget being given a roast beef sandwich which I had no hope of being able to eat.

    Scar 2: This scar is known as the "Ministry Dentistry" event. Went to see Ministry on their farewell tour, I had seen them before but this would be the first time where I wasn't also working. Show starts up and after a couple of songs I fling myself into the mosh pit. Having a grand time smashing and bouncing around. Suddenly everyone in front of me is splitting away, and before I have time to react a large bald head comes charging through the crowd. His head smashes into the left side of my face, everything goes numb. I get back up and flounder to the edge of the crowd, I am getting intense looks as I push through the crowd. Head to the bathroom, and the entire left side of my face is just splattered in blood. There is a large laceration just under my left eye. check my teeth and realize that 2 of my crowns are broken in half (ya for root canals! no pain!). Try to go back to the show, but it is clear I need to go get stitches. Spend the rest of night in ER waiting to get stitched up, 10 stitches in all and a beautiful crescent moon scar under my eye.

  • KingMe

    I liked to climb trees and my backyard was practically a forest. My mother was leaving for a month long trip to England. I was up a tree when the cab arrived to take her to the airport. I didn't want to miss out on saying goodbye. In my hast, gravity helped me find the easiest way down. A branch caught me on the side and dragged upwards while I went down. I ran and hugged my mother to see her off. Good thing my mother is Blind or I think she would have missed her flight.

  • achensherd

    I have a scar on my right arm leftover from 9-year-old me accidentally pulling a water boiler off a drawer cabinet by its power cord and spilling its boiling contents over me. The power cord was lying over the drawers, and careless me didn't notice it until after the fact when I was already screaming my head off from the second-degree burns. I was rushed to the hospital, got the burned areas washed, creamed and wrapped up, and then for the next few months I had large blisters on my right arm that had to be regularly cleaned, creamed and re-wrapped (my foot healed completely within like a week). Eventually my family decided to just cut open the blisters to let the fluids out, and not too long after that all that remained was an AA battery-sized scar. 0/10, would not recommend.

  • NaGeL182

    I got 3 scars... all of them are from childhood.

    the very first is from 6 years old, and is on my right leg, near the knee. i just learned to bike and tried to bike alone.. of course i wasn't that good at it. So the very first ditch that was beside the road i lived i managed to crash into it. But such in a spectacular way that the break handle got lodged lodged into my leg. and my parents say it was the cause of my epilepsy as well.

    Second was in the last year of primary school. its inside my inner lower lip. i was about 12 or so. Winter. Yaay ice. Yaay Skating! Yaaay ice cloming closer! Yaay Blood as i speak! .. as i fell face first i managed to bite onto my lower lip... of course my teeth lodged into it and as i opened my mouth it ripped flesh out. it required 24 stiches. luckily its not admissible from the outside anymore.

    Third.. middle school and climbing fences. well i did that. a lot. and usually nothing happened. Not this time! I lost my balance and my right hand got stuck on the top of the fence, ripping on the flesh, while i still fell down and tried to hold myself with my right leg. ita goota clean long cut asa thanks as well! Yaay climbing!

  • Pockets69

    Well the scar i have in my left hand/wrist was from going through 2 glass doors, when i thought i heard my mom cry for help (apparently she did not) i was about 6 or 7, i only started crying when my mom said i had to go to the hospital, remember seeing my hand bloodied with tiny glass shards inside :S