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  • Iscalar

    Ooh, I have 4 noticeable scars all with a little story to themselves.

    My first, is a very small scar next to the corner of my right eye, when I was a child I was a notorious biscuit bandit, especially loving chocolate digestives, which my mother would store out of reach from myself. One day I dared climbed my personal mount everest at the humble age of 4, climbing on all the kitchen surfaces to get to the delicious treats awaiting on top. Unfortunately as I grabbed them I slipped, and on the way to the crash on the floor happened to split my eye on a (Ironically.) Child safety lock device meant to keep the fridge closed from me (As I had a habit of leaving it open.) A few millimeters to the left and I would have a blinded right eye. Kids eye.

    My second, an appendicitis scar, an interesting but bit saddening a story seeing as I went in for my operation on September the 10th 2001 night time, after waking up the next day to the news with no context and everybody watching, I was quickly hushed by my embarrassed mother after I asked "What movie are we watching?" who didn't even realize that her baby had just woken up from a major operation due to the obvious horrible events partaking on the screen in front of her.

    My third, A large oval shaped scar on the joint of my right elbow, caused by running to fast as a kid, falling, skidding and grazing all the skin off, this one is my personal favourate because I got to meet a nice lady in the staff area in tesco with my older sister (Who was looking after me.) who bandaged it up, and gave me a free toy story cup and some black currant juice to calm me down, wonder where that cup has gotten to today. Also for a few years after it would go excessively bright pink after water contact, no idea why, but I found it amusing.

    And Finally, A small scar on my left left just above the knee were some 13 year old stabbed me with a screwdriver when I was about 11 because I had built a "Base" in the woods near our place (Some bits of wood to make rudimentary shelter for me and my friends to play in, kid stuff.) He didn't like that I didn't want him to come in because he was known to be ... well . . . an asshole. He them set out to prove to me he wasn't an asshole by violently stabbing me, I think I was right in my judgement.

    And that's them all ^-^ Scars are funky man.