• xef6

    The first one was, but the others were triggered by some stupidly small movements. And yeah I remember. The first time was especially bizarre. I realized I was having trouble breathing, after a few days I decided something was wrong, and that night they put a catheter through my chest. How was yours, if I may ask?

    • TheDylantula

      My first was spontaneous, the second was just the first one recollapsing through the same hole. My first time collapsed slowly. I had about 6 months of going to the doctor trying to figure out what was wrong. I got a chest x-ray about 1 week in, but it came back negative because it was still a small collapse. Then about 5 months later it had gotten to I believe 65% collapsed. The second one was the bizarre one for me. I woke up one morning and it just didn't feel right. Went in to the hospital later and said "I'm having a little bit of chest pain, I had a collapsed lung about 2 months ago, and this feels very similar and I want to get it checked out." Nurses actually laughed at me and said there was no way I had a lung collapse. Got an x-ray, then the doctor came in and told me that I had a 92% collapse. I looked surprised, then the doctor said he was surprised ,too, as "people with that big a collapse shouldn't walk in saying they "a little bit of pain", in fact, they shouldn't walk in at all"