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  • Axiomatic

    Snapzu is now in the lead, which it very much deserves. I like that the Reddit community is filtering out into multiple different communities though. It seems that Snapzu is getting all of the friendly folk.

    • Heiroglyph

      Oh, just wait until you get to know us. /s

      Honestly, this is the only functional one I've tried. How is anyone trying the others?

      I've never seen voat, it has been offline since I started looking. Several others were up, but not really working or has such small communities that it wasn't worth the trouble.

      Snapzu seems full enough with enough capacity to even be an option.

      • Stoic (edited 3 years ago)

        Voat is pretty much a copy of the Reddit stylesheet that feels a bit more fluent and modern. The community, like Snapzu, at least was a lot more friendly compared to Reddit and a lot more diverse (in a somewhat bad way) than Snapzu.

        It had less karmawhoring, askvoat was [serious] by default and you weren't 'late to a thread.' During the days of the fattening it was chaotic, but until the AMAgeddon most of the unwanted crowd went back to Reddit. I really hope and actually expect Voat will get some of the same friendly folk Snapzu is getting. The reason why Voat didn't get friendly folk during the fattening was because of the reason why they were leaving (perceived censorship) - which is different this time. A different type of people are upset and are wanting to leave, so it's too early to say that it seems Snapzu is getting all the friendly folk until we see what people will come to Voat after it gets its servers running.

        • meh

          The fattening? Is that what they called it? I wasn't online for that exodus

          • GiantWalrus

            I was hoping for FatPeopleGate. It's like the one instance where that suffix is actually clever.

      • a1ex

        Aether would be amazing if more people would get on board. It's still in development, though, so it's basically a really slick-looking P2P bulletin board. I still plan on using it regardless of how much of the reddit community it inherits; I love the way it works.

      • SuperCyan

        I've been playing around with Hubski and really like it. It's a lot less content focused and there's a lot of text posts. I've had some great discussions with people over there, and everyone seems pretty civil. Honestly, I've had better conversation there in the past day than I had in 4 years on Reddit. However, I'm not promoting it or anything, I just like it. Realistically, I'll probably just split my time between here and there, and hopefully I'll stop going on Reddit.

    • AnusBlender

      I like how all the nice people are coming here. I tried Voat a couple weeks ago, but it seemed like it was full the kinds of users who were already making me want to leave Reddit.

    • ssladam

      Honestly, I liked the diversion that voat is / was causing. My complaint about reddit for the past few years (pre-Pao) was that the userbase was becoming more reactionary, immature, and caustic. Voat seemed like it was doing a fantastic job absorbing that crowd.

      • SuperCyan

        Yeah, everyone was just getting a lot more up in arms over everything there. It's like a lot of people couldn't fathom disliking something without getting angry over it. I think it's due to an influx of younger users on there. A lot of middle and high school kids are getting on there, and a lot of them have a lot of pent up hate.

    • Katherine

      Yeah! I imagine the invite system that's currently in place will cut down on the "trolls," too, since it's tougher to make "throwaway" accounts.

    • BanHammer

      Honestly, I think it's only in the lead because of OP posted the link and this got front page so mostly everyone voted for Snapzu.

    • Inconceivable

      I think it's the exclusivity that is helping us out. Impatient people won't wait for invites.

    • ProtoJazz

      Possibly becuse several of the review posts say snapzu doesn't permit the posting of controversial content and is being worded as "aimed at soccer mom's, and similar to pintrest"

      Idk, honestly if I can find a place that just has entertaining content to kill some time, without then wondering if I'm racist for laughing at that joke, or having to read a huge ammount of rage posts I'm just not interested in, I'm happy.