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Snapzites, what did you do directly after high school?

By directly I mean the time span of the next 1 year.

4 years ago by Pfennig88 with 17 comments

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  • twoBits (edited 4 years ago)

    I dropped out of high school. Ended up getting my G.E.D and working various jobs until I was 26. Met my girlfriend (at the time) wife and ended up going back to school to get a B.S. in Computer Info Systems. Going back to school, best thing I could have ever done.

    I worked at Metakote, I think that's how you spell it. It was a factory where they painted parts for large Caterpillar tractors. Then worked at Farm Supply helping farmers manage their crops. My favorite was working on the river. I worked on the Illinois River tug boats. That job was the BIGGEST pain in the fucking ass ever But, it was also the most fun. When I was on the night shift - if nothing was going on I got to sleep all night. But, during the rain and winter months; the worst job imaginable.

    • idlethreat

      Woohoo! GED-bro's-who-went-into-IT!

      There's millions of us ;)

  • Vera

    I moved to Milwaukee WI, then Houston TX, then Austin TX, then NYC within 2 years time.

  • amar771

    finished high school half a year ago, spent 2 months studying for entrance exam for uni, passed, and in process of getting paperwork and stuff for it, next half year should be attending classes and passing exams (hopefully)

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • perfect

    Took a year off to travel and followed the sheep into college

  • racerxonclar

    Worked at a job I thought was bad, quit, then got a new one that was 10 times worse. And there was a trip to Sweden and Philly in there

  • idlethreat

    I dropped out from school. Spent about a year between work and going to the library. Read a lot, learned far more than I was ever clued in during my HS days. After a year or two of that, took GED. Eventually moved to KC and started my IT career doing tech support for Gateway.

    • Francopoli

      Gateway. Now there is a name I have not hear in a forever. How was working there?

      • idlethreat

        Technical phone support for any large company is generally quite hellish. Between clueless users, relentless efficiency rules and mediocre pay, it's pretty high turnover. For example, with the 39 people I started with on the phones, there was two left at the company at the end of two years when I left.

        That being said, I left with a high tolerance for pressure, creative troubleshooting skills and a drive to devour technical information at alarming rates.Those skills and habits served me well ever since.

  • FivesandSevens

    A year of college, then dropped out and spent ten years as a musician, then back to college, then grad school, now teaching college. That year after high school was one of the better ones though.

  • stitches

    The year after: started sixth form, drank a lot, got thrown out of sixth form, worked for the council, started a new sixth form college. Pretty much one big circle for me.
    I did manage to finish that sixth form with A levels though (and not get thrown out).

  • moe

    Went straight to uni. Not a fan of doing physical labor, and it doesn't seem easy finding a job with lucrative pay without upper-level education.

  • JTtheGhost

    I went to college, dropped out, and ended up working at a small computer shop while gaining social skills on the internet. WTF happened to those good times?

  • Qukatt

    I left school a year early (the way it works here is you can leave at 16 or do an extra 1 or 2 optional years so i didn't really drop out) and went on to college. It was an action packed year full of underage drinking, discovering MMOs and my flatmate hanging herself in her room. Fun times!