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Non Enlish content allowed?

Hello friends,

i recently created a tribe /t/de to share and discuss topics in my native language German.

Ever since i started posting there i noticed that my snaps get down voted. Almost every single one of them (of course without ever getting a reason for the down votes). I didn't expect this kind of intolerance on snapzu, because so far i only experienced great discussions and tolerance.

So my question is:

Is foreign content not allowed / tolerated / wished here?

I feel pretty sad that i get down voted just because i submit German content.



3 years ago by FrootLoops with 71 comments

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Conversation 60 comments by 16 users
  • [Deleted Profile]

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  • TheLordMelkor

    Honestly i really do not think the "community" is offended. The admins have given clear reasons for what they have done, and ideas as to what they will do.

    (1) They DO NOT for the moment have the infrastructure to support multiple languages and are looking into a solution.
    (2) They CANNOT from a security standpoint allow all languages to run rampant while there is no proper infrastructure for it.
    (3) They ARE currently working as fast & as hard as they can towards developping a solution.

    English is NOT my native tongue, yet I am far from "offended" that they can't immediately right this very moment satisfy my "NEED" to post things in another language... Honestly the way some of you have been acting pretty damn entitled, Snapzu is doing everything it can to try and make the necessary changes to accomodate the internation communities, but there IS a dev time associated with this. They're already overloaded with work trying to make Snapzu the best possible place for everyone.

    They had to pick ONE language, if you ask me english was the right choice it's the most internationally used language, especially in the computer/tech domains. Thank you admins for being so accomodating, understanding and most of all PATIENT with the people who can't seem to do the same.

  • drunkenninja

    Hi /u/Frootloops, we are working on expanding our underlying functionality to allow multiple language support but at this point posting any sort of snaps / text posts is risky due to the majority of the community being english speaking. When we were creating our platform we built it with scalability in mind, but we simply don't have the resources nor the time to expand our network into other languages at this point. We do however look forward to doing this as we grow.

    • picklefingers (edited 3 years ago)

      This is a sort of general comment, but I'm putting it as a reply to you, since I want an admin to see it (and gladsdotter got my other one).

      Where this annoys me is that it puts more on the moderators who already have an extremely small moderation toolset. All of the sudden this becomes an issue that the users have to deal with. We have to be the ones self-regulating posts and explaining the rules to every new non-English member. The moderators now have extra things to search out and moderate that they wouldn't have cared about before. It really takes a minor issue and inflates it into an actual issue. Instead, a few minor fixes could have been made (ability to designate a language of a tribe (be aware that by this I don't mean translate, just a sort of tag system) , ability to take tribe posts off front page, make sure you can't post an english snap to spanish tribe) and the problems would have been kept to a minimum until Snapzu has the ability to scale and add in actual language support.

      I understand the problem and I understand why you are doing what you are doing. However, I think that you are going about it the wrong way. While it is diffusing one small problem, it creates bigger problems elsewhere on the site.

      On a side note, what does this mean about language learning tribes like /t/languagecafe? Are we still allowed to have those?

      • drunkenninja

        There was never a claim made that we currently have a perfect solution, I stated that we did our best for the amount of resources available to us now and that we look to improve on the system going forward. There is going to be failures and tough decisions made, there is no getting around this, I think it's important however that we engage with the community to hear out what our members have to say. Not every decision we make will be popular, everyone has their own preferences and while one change will be popular with one group of people it may not be popular with another.

        It wasn't our intention to create functionality that is going to make a moderator's life harder, it is just another side effect based on the choices we made years ago. We do realize that changes need to be made to correct this glaring problem, but we also need to think everything through and not rush into it. Everything we have created thus far has been done while weighing out all the possible options, we wanted to improve on the concept but at the same time make the right choices for the scalability of our platform. There are reasons to everything we do, every function we create, every rule we write. We will make mistakes along the way, but we will always reconsider and change our views if the right reasons present themselves for doing so.

        On a side note, what does this mean about language learning tribes like /t/languagecafe? Are we still allowed to have those?

        This is one of topics hot on the dev discussion plate. At this moment we have done nothing to limit these tribes in their content creation or visibility. Once we have discussed this topic at length we will update our literature and rules, I will post an update in /t/blog with more information in the near future.

        • picklefingers (edited 3 years ago)

          Alright. I guess its just a matter of waiting. I hope you don't take this as me saying anything bad about the admin team as a whole. I completely understand the choices you all have to make. This is just me expressing my opinion on the huge downsides of one of the choices. I really appreciate the admin team's openness to talk with the community about its issues and ideas and not just sweeping our opinions under the rug. It's very refreshing.

    • FrootLoops

      I get that thx.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • Wenjarich (edited 3 years ago)

    What is this deception before me? I, Sir Wenjarich, the Pencil Knight, arrived here, all the way from the distant tribe AskSnapzu, on the noble quest, suggested to me by non other than /u/Pockets69, of makeing the new additions to our ranks feel safe and at home. But I am not decieved, multi-coloured fruit with holes in them are pretty hard to forget. It is thus that I know I have seen you before and you sir are no new arrival.

    That said, I still bid you a fond greetings! For how does one harbour I'll feelings agianst an individual named after a delicious fast-breaking delicacy, such as the multi-coloured crunchy round fruit which comes stored within a box made from soft wood.