• jarekb84
    @drunkenninja -

    As mentioned above, would it be difficult to implement a temporary solution to have a checkbox which says "Don't post to front page?" and filter those posts from the fp of all users? That way the snap only shows up in the tribes it was posted to and doesn't run into people on the front page downvoting it for language reasons.

    Another option would be to just include Front Page as a default tribe new snaps are posted to, and give the ability to remove it. Make it a free tribe posting which doesn't affect the current default of 3 tribes.

    • drunkenninja
      @jarekb84 -

      The solution we are working towards needs to be easy enough to quickly implement but at the same time needs to be intuitive, users need to understand right away what the functionality is for without having to go read a manual to understand its context. Again, we are going to discuss this at length and work on creating a low impact intuitive solution to allowing members to post multiple language content without the worry of filling the front page with content from every language imaginable.