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  • bitwise

    Maybe they're worried that people will attempt to use their platform for illicit purposes, and being unable to verify whether or not that content is not appropriate would leave them in a very bad position.

    I find it kind of irksome that people are immediately jumping towards this being a cultural or racially biased thing; I wouldn't jump onto a Japanese forum and complain that my English posts were being removed by moderators, especially if it was already in the rules.

    • drunkenninja

      This is definitely one of the reasons why we need to grow into eventually supporting other languages as a service and not the other way around. Tribes opting out of being featured on the front page does nothing to solve the issue either, since content is owned by the users and not the tribes themselves. Tribes essentially host the content, but cannot decide if it's also posted in other tribes. This multiple language support functionality is a complex task, certainly something we are not yet ready for and thus have decided that supporting one language (the language we understand and can focus on) is the right direction for us at this stage of our development. Also, may I just bring up that many of us hail from Poland, and yet we don't officially support the Polish language just like we don't support other languages, this is definitely not a racial / cultural matter but instead one of resources.

    • madjo
      @drunkenninja -

      But how can you grow a community of other language speakers on this platform, if they can't speak their language on this platform? Yes it is a complex task, but within the confines of having the community know that other languages do exist and can pop up in unexpected places, I don't see how it's any different from for instance English.

      Yes, your snap posting algorithm probably can't discern what type of post I'm making, that's too bad, but it can be worked around. I can set the options right, myself before pushing Publish.

      Yes, those posts can show up on the frontpage. Perhaps it'll make someone curious as to what language it is, and google translate it to learn more. And perhaps spark an interest in that language, et presto, a new hobby is born.

      Just to have a rule state: "If it's not English, downvote it" seems rather shortsighted and quite frankly a little unsettling.

      My native language is Dutch, but if I can't share Dutch stuff on here to try and grow /t/thenetherlands or a tribe just like that, without getting downvotes that will actually affect my reputation on this site, then what's the point of trying to grow said community on here? Bunch of other sites where I can try that without that rather silly handicap.

    • drunkenninja
      @madjo -

      Your feedback is very much appreciated. I mentioned in another comment that we will be working hard to figure out how to change our policy to support content made in different languages.

    • madjo
      @drunkenninja -

      You're doing good, it's just a bit disappointing to read that one line in the FAQ for a community where the downvote is actually discouraged.