Social-media-illiterate on Snapzu


Flemish, Dutch speaking from Belgium. No respect for dogma. Truth is Love.

6 years ago by Nix with 21 comments

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  • Maternitus (edited 6 years ago)

    Welcome to this wonderful site! :-) I hope you find nice gems and have fun chatting with everyone. :-)

    The link you've added is nice, but I have to add/explain more about that. As you've stated, you are from Belgium. That's nice, since I live there too, as a Dutchman from origin (from birth until my 31st I have lived, worked and studied there). My entire family is Dutch, so there you go, more Dutch than that you can't go, I guess.

    The Flemish are in no way near direct as you state. "Rond de pot draaien" or, in English, beating around the bush, is more likely. That sounds blunt and might offend you, but it is early in the morning and I have no other excuse. How would I know? I live for over 13 years in Belgium and in all cases the Flemish find me way too direct, rude or extremely right to the point. Some of them admire it, some of them don't. After all those years it is still a daily matter of life.

    My girlfriend, a beautiful Flemish woman, fell somewhat silent after reading the above paragraphs to her. I asked if it was too impolite and the uncomfortable smile explained a lot. I asked her if I should delete this and keep my mouth shut, but no. She laughed and asked if I already had my coffee. She's used to this and handles this, seemingly touchy, subject with care.

    As you can see, I use the English language to communicate, but I would do that also in French or German, although those languages are not as proficient as English. Four languages to serve people, right from the tip of my tongue/fingertips. That's pretty comfy for any encounter and is, to my opinion, a nice service to people who do not speak, write or understand the Dutch language.

    In the USA, where I have stayed twice for an extended period of time, they found it rather funny, but they handled it with joy. It gets things done in a timely manner, is clear and leaves no room for different interpretations in contrary to, for instance, the Flemish. This little writing is by no means meant as a blame-game, but just to point out you are a bit wrong by your statement that Flemish are as direct or honoustly blunt as the Dutch. There might be exceptions to that rule, but until this moment I have never encountered one.

    The coffee is getting cold and breakfast is calling, so, again, have a sincerely nice stay on Snapzu, to me it's one of the best sites I have ever been on. :-)

    • Nix

      I know Dutch like to think that way.

      But the history is the history, we don't need to shout the loudest to proof ourselves, people call us modest. We are occupied by many country's including yours . It's even in our constitution never ever till forever will there be someone in power of the house of Oranje-Nassau.

      Dutch beer sucks, while we have like 1000 beers, yet you like to boost about it to, and mostly get away with it.

      Dutch call us stupid to, yet we all speak 2 or 3 languages, always funny to hear Dutch speak Louis Van Gaal English. http://www.pisa.ugent.be/uploads/assets/106/1396273183438-KORTE%20BROCHURE%20PISA2012.pdf they beat us in uncertainty to, does that explain your boost?

      We are considered racist cause we speak openly about situation in EU at the moment. Flemish politician are trying to put in free speech rights even more expliciet in Belgian Constitution or even total new Flemish Constitution. While Dutch people have a politician in court to defend his free speech.

      Actions speak louder then words.

      • Maternitus

        Reading your comment, I think I leave it like that. Even after re-reading my own, I would not say I was in any way as defensive or even impolite. Let alone personal or attacking you in any way. Still, have a nice time on Snapzu. :-)

        • Nix

          Just being blunt, are you offended now? :P

          • Maternitus (edited 6 years ago)

            Not blunt. Rude. And I'm not offended at all. Would you like that?

            • Nix

              That was the article are we blunt or rude, you call me rude, that means it offended you in some way.

              It was only blunt truth, sorry no dogma, no political correctness, only free speech as stated in the "Oxford Declaration on Freedom of Thought and Expression" http://iheu.org/oxford-declaration-on-freedom-of-thought-and-expression/

              I also stated that truth is love, so no single moment I wanted to offend you, just didn't want to hide hard truth for you.

              It wasn't me who spammed 20 lines of morality debunking someones welkom greet.

            • Maternitus
              @Nix -

              You know, I like you. And this is an answer that is worth thinking about, for which I thank you. Never read the Oxford Declaration, which is a good thing to do before I go on communicating with you, so I understand your answers or way of discussing better. :-)

      • madjo (edited 6 years ago)

        As a Dutchman, I agree, Dutch beer sucks. (our brewers just seem to be better at marketing)

        As a Dutchman, I'm ashamed at my fellow countrymen's ability to speak other languages.

        About Geert Wilders (the politician in court to defend his free speech) is in court, because most of his 'free speech' is bordering on hate speech. And that's also in our constitution as being actionable (Article 1)

  • rti9 (edited 6 years ago)

    1. Click the green "Submit" button on the top right of Snapzu´s webpage.

    2. Input that article into the new window then click submit.

    3. Take your time to see the options of how to publish the post.

    • Nix

      Did it, and why do I need to do that? Do I need to do that for every link?

      • AdelleChattre

        Or if you’re at a page you’d like to submit at Snapzu, you can use the bookmarklet. It’s a browser bookmark that consists of a script, so when you hit the bookmark it automagically gets a snap ready for you. Look for it in your ‘Post Overview’ towards the upper right. Click there for the bookmarklet itself along with a tip on how to get that into a browser. With all the time it’ll save you can polish snaps to a shine. Consider adding tags, and sources as necessary, as you get more comfortable. Best of luck.

      • manix

        That's how we share things around here. They become organized and easier to browse.

  • CrookedTale

    What means ye by "Social-Media-Illiterate on Snapzu"? I'll not omit to tell ye, Snapzu be liken to a a drunken ken in both dull and sharp may be found elbowed in festivities. Truth be a treasure in itself, but ye have not a map t' find it easy. Fer one truth begets a lie, and two lies a truth.

    • Nix

      Don't have facebook or other social media, accept with some family/friends, only recently active on social media Twitter that is how I got here.

      Don't claim to have absolute truth, nor do I say it exists, but try to speak truthfully.

      I'm not a believer but have read some religious works "The truth will set you free" - John 8:32

      As does the proverb says: Self-knowledge is beginning of wisdom.

      This means we should stop lie to ourselves, cause only then we see the underlying emoties and psychology, once you understand your own emotions and psychology, you can project them on people and try understand their point, this is called empathy, practice makes perfect, eventually you be amazed how much you can understand, but it all starts with truth, first step acknowledge we all lie to ourselves.

      My lie, I projected myself better then I am, I'm childish, jealous, sexist, kind, curious, fantast, racist, hateful, loving, vicious, caring, aloofness, emphatic all the good and evil you can find in all people, I do not let that define me cause I try better myself daily, without lying to myself, my truth.

      Cause of that, avoided public scrutiny, so bit illiterate on social media, although I see my online persona as my political correct self.

      • CrookedTale

        I once hear a man who lived a thous'nd lives and learn'd a thous'nd truths an' another who lived only one and found peace. Empathy be a fickle one, a white flag used to draw one near only to see the falseness of it's color. Tis a shallow port empathy be, but the sea beyond be a deep and dark mistress. Perhaps ye be think'n I be daft and unfit, but those thoughts are not yours.

        Better yourself and know the thoughts of man, it is a grand Adventure. A man can chose to cower bellow deck or stand above and grunt like pigs when the cannons thunder, but each knows naught of the battle.

        • Nix

          "Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again." Andre Gide

  • madjo (edited 6 years ago)

    Author of article seems to think that what happens in Amsterdam happens in the rest of NL. I can tell you this much, as direct as Amsterdammers are, most Dutch people aren't as direct or as obnoxious. In that regard, Amsterdam is a world all to itself.

    Yes, the Dutch are more direct (or perhaps rude) compared to other cultures but a "that's none of your business" reply is usually respected. And beating around the bush has never helped anyone.

    But as for what the author is grappling with;
    No I am not in a Whatsapp group with my neighbours. In fact, only one knows my name, and that's because they are so nice to collect packages for me, when I'm not home.
    I don't expect others to speak my language, but I'm willing to help anyone who's trying to learn.
    And no I have never been asked to join my colleagues in a sauna. (And I would decline too, if I were)

    • Nix

      Only used the article to try describe how most people see me, people close to me see me in total different light.

      One thing I do love, and respect is the directness of Dutch people, although I think they can't handle their loss in football :D

      Thxs for comment.

      • madjo

        With loss in football, do you mean the passing of Johan Cruijff? (He passed away today)

        As for "Oranje" not qualifying for the EC, I rejoiced when that happened. Finally a year without orange crap everywhere.

        • Nix (edited 6 years ago)

          So sad indeed, I love all art, and artists, pains the world to lose one every time.