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Text Post: Social-media-illiterate on Snapzu posted by Nix
  • CrookedTale

    What means ye by "Social-Media-Illiterate on Snapzu"? I'll not omit to tell ye, Snapzu be liken to a a drunken ken in both dull and sharp may be found elbowed in festivities. Truth be a treasure in itself, but ye have not a map t' find it easy. Fer one truth begets a lie, and two lies a truth.

    • Nix

      Don't have facebook or other social media, accept with some family/friends, only recently active on social media Twitter that is how I got here.

      Don't claim to have absolute truth, nor do I say it exists, but try to speak truthfully.

      I'm not a believer but have read some religious works "The truth will set you free" - John 8:32

      As does the proverb says: Self-knowledge is beginning of wisdom.

      This means we should stop lie to ourselves, cause only then we see the underlying emoties and psychology, once you understand your own emotions and psychology, you can project them on people and try understand their point, this is called empathy, practice makes perfect, eventually you be amazed how much you can understand, but it all starts with truth, first step acknowledge we all lie to ourselves.

      My lie, I projected myself better then I am, I'm childish, jealous, sexist, kind, curious, fantast, racist, hateful, loving, vicious, caring, aloofness, emphatic all the good and evil you can find in all people, I do not let that define me cause I try better myself daily, without lying to myself, my truth.

      Cause of that, avoided public scrutiny, so bit illiterate on social media, although I see my online persona as my political correct self.

      • CrookedTale

        I once hear a man who lived a thous'nd lives and learn'd a thous'nd truths an' another who lived only one and found peace. Empathy be a fickle one, a white flag used to draw one near only to see the falseness of it's color. Tis a shallow port empathy be, but the sea beyond be a deep and dark mistress. Perhaps ye be think'n I be daft and unfit, but those thoughts are not yours.

        Better yourself and know the thoughts of man, it is a grand Adventure. A man can chose to cower bellow deck or stand above and grunt like pigs when the cannons thunder, but each knows naught of the battle.

        • Nix

          "Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again." Andre Gide