Text Post: Social-media-illiterate on Snapzu posted by Nix
  • Nix

    Did it, and why do I need to do that? Do I need to do that for every link?

    • AdelleChattre

      Or if you’re at a page you’d like to submit at Snapzu, you can use the bookmarklet. It’s a browser bookmark that consists of a script, so when you hit the bookmark it automagically gets a snap ready for you. Look for it in your ‘Post Overview’ towards the upper right. Click there for the bookmarklet itself along with a tip on how to get that into a browser. With all the time it’ll save you can polish snaps to a shine. Consider adding tags, and sources as necessary, as you get more comfortable. Best of luck.

    • manix

      That's how we share things around here. They become organized and easier to browse.