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  • Nix

    I know Dutch like to think that way.

    But the history is the history, we don't need to shout the loudest to proof ourselves, people call us modest. We are occupied by many country's including yours . It's even in our constitution never ever till forever will there be someone in power of the house of Oranje-Nassau.

    Dutch beer sucks, while we have like 1000 beers, yet you like to boost about it to, and mostly get away with it.

    Dutch call us stupid to, yet we all speak 2 or 3 languages, always funny to hear Dutch speak Louis Van Gaal English. http://www.pisa.ugent.be/uploads/assets/106/1396273183438-KORTE%20BROCHURE%20PISA2012.pdf they beat us in uncertainty to, does that explain your boost?

    We are considered racist cause we speak openly about situation in EU at the moment. Flemish politician are trying to put in free speech rights even more expliciet in Belgian Constitution or even total new Flemish Constitution. While Dutch people have a politician in court to defend his free speech.

    Actions speak louder then words.

    • Maternitus

      Reading your comment, I think I leave it like that. Even after re-reading my own, I would not say I was in any way as defensive or even impolite. Let alone personal or attacking you in any way. Still, have a nice time on Snapzu. :-)

      • Nix

        Just being blunt, are you offended now? :P

        • Maternitus (edited 6 years ago)

          Not blunt. Rude. And I'm not offended at all. Would you like that?

          • Nix

            That was the article are we blunt or rude, you call me rude, that means it offended you in some way.

            It was only blunt truth, sorry no dogma, no political correctness, only free speech as stated in the "Oxford Declaration on Freedom of Thought and Expression" http://iheu.org/oxford-declaration-on-freedom-of-thought-and-expression/

            I also stated that truth is love, so no single moment I wanted to offend you, just didn't want to hide hard truth for you.

            It wasn't me who spammed 20 lines of morality debunking someones welkom greet.

          • Maternitus
            @Nix -

            You know, I like you. And this is an answer that is worth thinking about, for which I thank you. Never read the Oxford Declaration, which is a good thing to do before I go on communicating with you, so I understand your answers or way of discussing better. :-)

    • madjo (edited 6 years ago)

      As a Dutchman, I agree, Dutch beer sucks. (our brewers just seem to be better at marketing)

      As a Dutchman, I'm ashamed at my fellow countrymen's ability to speak other languages.

      About Geert Wilders (the politician in court to defend his free speech) is in court, because most of his 'free speech' is bordering on hate speech. And that's also in our constitution as being actionable (Article 1)