Welcome! Introduce yourself.

Hey there, and welcome to /t/dota2!

Don't think you can get away from us so fast. If you are a Dota enthusiast, much like us, you will have to introduce yourself here and say a couple of things about you.

  1. What is your favourite role in the game?

  2. What is your favourite hero?

  3. Since when have you been playing the game?

  4. What's your mmr? (feel free to lie, we don't mind)

  5. What are your general thoughts on the game, and why is it so frustrating for you? :D

Maybe sometime soon, if there will be enough of us, we can get a Steam group going.

7 years ago by bogdan with 22 comments

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  • nightships (edited 7 years ago)

    Hello everyone! New to Snapzu. I'm a regular over at r/dota2, so I figured my first stop here would be /t/dota2 :)

    1. Support. I'm practicing carry/offlane, but I'm still mostly terrible at it. Mid I avoid like a plague.

    2. Hmm, right now I've been playing a lot of Earthshaker, but Abaddon and Lich are probably my two best.

    3. I played my very first game way back in 2004, version 5.84c, but I stopped playing soon after. I picked it up again when I was in high school, around 2008 - my friends and I were god-awful at it, but we were 10+ and played almost everyday. When college came I stopped again, had a short stint in Heroes of Newerth, then moved to Dota 2 in 2012 :)

    4. My solo hovers around 3.5, but I don't really play much ranked.

    5. I love the game, but I only really play with friends. Solo queue is far too toxic for me. I'm probably going to have to quit again soon (grad school coming up), but I'm a huge esports nerd so I'll still follow all the tournaments.

    • bogdan (edited 7 years ago)

      Hey! Nice meeting you. What servers are you playing on?

      I've had the same thing - I played in the early past, I sucked at the game, and I got back into it like 5 or 6 years back again.

      • nightships

        I'm from SEA unfortunately, I don't think there are many of us around here haha. I guess most of the people here are from NA/EU?

  • caelreth

    So far, my favorite role has been a ranged attacker, though I can't remember which hero was my favorite.

    I started playing last week, and so far I have done some of the tutorials and played 2 non-public games with a friend and with/against 8 AI players. So, if I have an MMR, it's whatever it starts at.

    So far, I like the game, but am definitely not ready to show the world my DOTA2 "skills" :)

    • spaceghoti

      So far, my favorite role has been a ranged attacker, though I can't remember which hero was my favorite.

      At first I read this and my mind immediately went to D&D where fighters specializing in ranged weapons are vastly underrated. And then I read on to see you were talking about DOTA and I realized my thought had nothing to do with it. :(

      • caelreth

        Well, I'm sure some people still don't give ranged attackers their due in DOTA, also :)

    • bogdan

      Haha. You get your MMR after you become level 13 and play 10 "calibration" matches.

      If you like to play ranged carry, I can recommend checking out Drow Ranger, she is very strong and relatively easy to play. Another one would be Razor, you can try him out too, he's insanely fun.

      Another noob-friendly powerful damage-dealing hero is Viper (but he falls off in the late stages of the game).

      • caelreth

        I will make a note of those. I guess I need to just keep on with the tutorials for a bit. Online games I usually play (MUDs) tend to allow for a lot of solo, so I'm not really looking forward to being the target of someone's ire when I am on their team and inept - but I'll get in there eventually :)

  • slash3r (edited 7 years ago)

    Hey guys, just joined Snapzu. I was one of the earliest subscribers of the Dota2 subreddit, back when the game was first announced. Back then the sub used to have meaningful discussions and lots of useful posts; now it's just a cesspool of shitposts and memes. Glad I found this community as a possible replacement (hopefully).

    1. Probably mid, just love being the playmaker.

    2. Right now, probably Ursa. I also love Leshrac and Timbersaw.

    3. 2008, probably DotA version 6.50 or something.

    4. Solo is 4500, party around 4300 currently. Farthest I've ever been is 4950.

    5. I love the game to death, even entered a few tournaments with friends of mine. It's just incredible how deep the game is compared to other games. There's just none like it. I might take breaks from Dota for few times, (currently playing lots of CS:GO) but in the end I always come back to Dota :D

  • payte

    Hello, I'm a refugee from r/dota2. 1. Support. 2. I have a few heroes I like which include Tusk, Axe, Dazzle, Kunkka. 3. I've been playing for a few years, on and off since like most others I have a love-hate relationship with this game. 4. 2.2k yeah I'm one of those people you read about, we really exist. 5. It's so frustrating for me

    • bogdan

      I've reached the point where if I lose a game, I probably just won't start another. It's the worst feeling when you have to wait 10 minutes for the enemy to finally decide to crush you, when you have nothing left to do.

      I'm sure your mmr would increase if you played more constantly.

  • ressmox (edited 7 years ago)

    1. Mid, usually. Changes from time to time.

    2. TA, Invoker, Zeus

    3. Since around TI4, played a few other mobas for very short periods of time (couple of months) about 3 or 4 years ago.

    4. Don't play ranked, mostly just play casually.

    5. I like the complexity and viability of different strats. I dislike that people don't understand how complex of a game it actually is (Source of all the 'omg nub tem' rage)

    • bogdan (edited 7 years ago)

      Nice. I had time for a game today and was in a lane with a Bloodseeker who decided he wants to go for the kill 1v2 and was pinging me cause I was not there to help him, because I was pulling. He proceeded to flame me for the rest of the game. It felt... typical to what you're saying at number 5.

      • ressmox

        Yea, I mean I think I'm pretty shit at the game, but it's something a lot of people fail to understand. There are so many different factors and strategies that contribute to winning. For an extreme example, consider someone who always makes the passive play vs someone who always makes the aggressive play. These people function on completely different wavelengths, yet both can win the same number of games if they play to their styles correctly. Each would see the other players moves as bad. The aggressive player is the one saying "We should've fought, if you helped we would kill them", the passive player would say "We couldn't fight that, why did you run in". And in different cases both of these would be right. Same thing applies for like splitting vs 5-man, farming vs fighting, laning vs late-game, mechanical skill vs strategy. There are all these different aspects that contribute to your overall winrate/mmr, and it's really hard to gauge a person's skill level over the course of a single game since there are so many factor, and that person may be unable to even showcase their strengths in that game, or maybe everything just lined up perfectly and they destroyed but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't deserve to be placed in their bracket.

  • Odd

    Hi all, recently joined Snapzu,was a fairly big lurker over at /r/dota2. Glad to see we have a tribe here as well.

    1. Offlane. I do play support fairly often as well

    2. Windrunner & Timbersaw.

    3. Quite a newbee here, played my first Dota2 game in early 2013 after a friend got an invite to the beta.

    4. Solo currently 3.5k although I've stopped playing ranked recently. Haven't calibrated party MMR.

    5. Love the fact I can't quite quit this game. No matter how frustrated I get and how many times I say "that's it, I'm done." I still end up coming back to play some more. I like how complex it can be and how viable different builds and strats are. Of course I hate getting stomped and going on losing sprees! Just got off a 10 game lose streak with Drow while trying to finish my 3rd 10 Hero Challenge. Thank god it's over I hate that hero now.

  • DylanMcDermott (edited 7 years ago)

    1. Support. In other games i've always loved "supporty" roles- eg i was a healer in WoW. I love support because you get to focus on the "big picture" in a match, rather than focusing so much on things like last hitting. That being said, most of my friends have been playing for a much shorter time than I have, so even though i practice very little I'm a better last-hitter and have better game-sense than them-- so when I don't play a more carry-oriented role with them we lose more often. Few and far between are the times which I play with my friends who are significantly better carries than me (though I do have a few), so getting to support them is a real treat. Otherwise, I like unstacked pubs because I can support people who are as-good or better than me and really see an impact.

    2. Pheonix, far and again. I love how he can pubstomp with his beam, or shut down farming with fire spirits in higher-skill matches. Also, he comes with an awesome escape and refresh. I also enjoy that he uses health as currency. I won't lie, in lower skill matches I tend to max beam first then rush heart after tranquils and urn (warding the whole time, of course.) In matches with more organized teams I'll pick up more traditional items which synergize with the egg, like shiva's guard, and max fire spirits, however.

    3. I played a lick (~100 matches) in 2012-2013, but I didn't start playing in earnest until october 2013. Since then I've played about 1000 matches

    4. I never play ranked matches, but with the fact that I end up in plenty of matches, but not all matches, marked "high skill" in dotabuff i can infer that i'm just below or above 3k.

    5. I love how complex and robust the strategy in dota is. That being said, the most frustrating for me is how often it changes! There's nothing quite as frustrating as catching up with a new meta, even if sometimes you're super glad that the meta changed (thank goodness 6.83 is gone)

    • bogdan

      Not sure if you were around during the old Phoenix's time - probably not. Back then I was playing with a few friends in the Warcraft 3 map of Dota and the sun ray was completely overpowered - it would keep on shooting for as long as you wanted. I had a buddy play as Crystal Maiden and he'd freeze enemies while I'd shoot them down with my ray - we called it the Microwave Ice Oven. It was amazing. Phoenix is a great hero.

      • DylanMcDermott

        Yeah, in the original dota days I was too discouraged to play. ("Noob in game, remake and ban noob") A forever-beam sounds absurd. CM and Pheonix still synergize great if you're going for wombo-combo team-fights.

        I like CM too, but I feel like she's harder to "comeback" with if you do poorly with her in the early-mid game. Also, enemy players tend to be more familiar with her thus better-equipped to deal with her.

  • deadion

    1. Mid, Carry, or 4 support 2. I like any character that has lots of movement, either one that usually builds a blink or has some other form of movement ability. 3. Off and on for a couple years. 4. I used to hate playing with random people so I just used to play bot games. I just started to level up and hope to get to play ranked soonish. 5. I like the current meta a lot and have high hopes for the new client. Overall I think things are looking up.

    If any of you want to group go ahead and send me an invite. http://steamcommunity.com/id/iamdeadion

    • bogdan

      I usually get a blink dagger on too many heroes. I feel like positioning is really important in this game. I've added you, though I'm not sure what server you are playing on.

  • Zerei

    Hi everyone!

    I've been playing dota for more than 9 years (still a 4k scrub though).

    Answering your questions:

    1. My favorite role is Support. Started playing support because I was bad at carrying, but when I got good I can't trust anyone with the support role anymore.

    2. My favorite hero is the old perv KOTL.

    3. Well I answered that before hand, so I've been playing it for about 9 years.

    4. Like I said, 4k.

    5. It is frustrating because I love to play solo, and find a lot of people that piss me off. But I still love the game though.

  • HiddenSage

    There's a Dota group here, and that makes me FAR too happy.

    1) The answer to that used to be support, but I've been struggling to stay effective in that role in this patch for some reason. 6.84 is very fond of gank-heavy lineups at my tier, and my best supports are all easy prey for the likes of Bounty Hunter and Spirit Breaker. As a result, I've been playing a lot of offlaners and junglers).

    2) Right now, probably Nature's Prophet. I'm 13-7 with him in the last month, because if the enemy team lacks for highly mobile heroes like SB, Storm Spirit, or Spectre, he can split-push incredibly effectively and still return to participate in teamfights without trouble. Plus, he feeds incredibly fast and can itemize in a lot of fun ways.

    3)I'm new as crap at Dota, having started only around December.

    4)I only started playing ranked a month ago, and hover around 1800. I suck, but I calibrated at 1600, so I'm slowly improving.

    5) The game in general is very prone to negativity, because it's easy to get emotionally invested in it. I tend to play in a lot of small increments (1-2 games per day), just because it helps avoid the worst of that. As for frustration, I mostly just don't like trying to herd cats, which is the big downside of solo queue- too many people who can't agree on what to do next.