Text Post: Welcome! Introduce yourself. posted by bogdan
  • deadion

    1. Mid, Carry, or 4 support 2. I like any character that has lots of movement, either one that usually builds a blink or has some other form of movement ability. 3. Off and on for a couple years. 4. I used to hate playing with random people so I just used to play bot games. I just started to level up and hope to get to play ranked soonish. 5. I like the current meta a lot and have high hopes for the new client. Overall I think things are looking up.

    If any of you want to group go ahead and send me an invite. http://steamcommunity.com/id/iamdeadion

    • bogdan

      I usually get a blink dagger on too many heroes. I feel like positioning is really important in this game. I've added you, though I'm not sure what server you are playing on.