Which tribe do you represent?

Who all do we have here?

I'm Joker, and I lead:

8 years ago by joker with 32 comments

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  • Kysol

    Game Related

    /t/xbox - I farm Achievements, so it's somewhat natural for me to want to run something to showcase any sort of news related to Xbox

    /t/borderlands - A love of mine. The Borderlands series has to be one of the most amazingly well designed video game series I've ever played. The amount of effort that went in to make it feel "just right" when it comes to crude humour boggles me.

    /t/ffxiv - I spent far too much time on FFXI (which I'm not going to create a tribe for as I'm almost done with FFXI, 4 Achievements to get and 15 years of history ends).

    /t/tekken - From 2001 I've been doing stuff with the Australian Tekken community. Like the Xbox tribe, I'm just relating any news that gets announced here.

    /t/thelastofus - Hopefully this one will take off one day, maybe when the next game comes out. If you've never played the game, I suggest you beg borrow or steal a PS3/4 and a copy of it just to see what you are missing out on. The game IMHO is one of the best story telling experiences I've ever played.

    Grounded (somewhat)

    /t/bookstores - I work for a Bookstore chain. I have a love of books. Any sort of bookstore related news I find interesting, and apparently others do too.

    /t/real - Started today as a clone of /t/nottheonion (copy of Reddit's /r/nottheonion) but seems to not have the activity, but I decided that the news should be focused on the fluff that acts as filler in the news broadcasts. If they want to pad out their airtime with trash, then lets showcase it as "real" news.


    Those tribes probably don't showcase who I am, so I would suggest looking at me profile /u/Kysol to see what other tribes I watch. Mostly programming and so on.

  • theykilledkenni (edited 8 years ago)

    I'm /u/theykilledkenni and I'm here representing:

    /t/ibd a place for people with inflammatory bowel disease to come and discuss this chronic illness and get support for it.

  • trails

    I'm trails, and I represent /t/multiplesclerosis

    It's a tiny little tribe right now, but I'm trying my hardest to provide a good foundation for if and when someone needs to check it out and/or help build the community.

  • folkrav (edited 8 years ago)

    /t/unixporn - unix/bsd/linux/etc desktop ricing, showing off your desktops on that marvelous alternative OS line. Pure Reddit ripoff, though one of the mods from the subreddit got in to mod here too.
    /t/mechanicalkeyboards - mechanical keyboards and stuff, clickity clack. I mod on /t/keyboards, also.
    /t/french and /t/francophonie - respectively about French language and for speaking French.

  • ObiWanShinobi (edited 8 years ago)

    I look after /t/longform, a tribe for longer, well-written articles exploring interesting topics.

    /t/fantasyart which is pretty much exactly what you think.

    /t/animalscience, which I just found recently but would like to revitalize

    And I moderate /t/ideasforsnapzu

    It's been really rewarding, seeing these tribes grow. I didn't start /t/ideasforsnapzu, but I can say I was responsible for the banner and avatar, as well as promoting it early on. The fact that it grew from a handful of people to almost 200 in half a month is just amazing.

  • ThermalShock

    I'm just keeping it simple with one tribe.


    Just an open source Minecraft clone I'm rather fond of with a great little lua modding API.

  • Jaspreetzing


    I have just started /t/nonprofits

    Hoping people who either work for or care about non profits can share ideas and best practices, though you're allowed to share anything as long as its related to non profits.

    Thanks! Jaspreet

  • spaceghoti (edited 8 years ago)


    You can probably guess their focus.

    • joker

      Actually, we had a fun debate a week or so back. I actually liked the fact that you were level-headed regarding it. I haven't responded due to work (I'm barely on as of the past bit). Last week was wrapping up all projects at my (now former) employer, and this week is "Get feet wet" week at new job.

      I appreciate that you keep it intellectual rather than all snide or "emotional - all the time".

      • spaceghoti

        I'm glad you enjoyed it. I try to reserve my snark for people who earn it. ;)

  • Urbanknight4

    I'm /u/urbanknight4, the one and only, and I created one tribe and mod one other. Looking to mod /t/yugioh, but we'll see about that!

    O created /t/artrequest, a place to ask artists for drawings or for artists to get inspiration, and I mod /t/debate, a pretty self explanatory tribe lol. I'm glad to be part of this awesome community, and I hope that we all get a bunch of members for our respective tribes!

  • RenegadeMizu

    I claimed /t/Yugioh about a week ago. Hoping to learn a thing or two from everyone here!

    • joker

      Welcome! Any questions you may have, feel free to post here.