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What happens in movies and tv shows that NEVER happens in real life.

3 years ago by 8mm with 33 comments

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  • geoleo

    People not saying bye before hanging up on the phone.

    • NerfYoda

      My brother doesn't say goodbye before he hangs up the phone. He says it's more efficient. What a jerk.

      • geoleo

        It's one word lol

        • NerfYoda

          Just think of all the near minutes he's saved of his life!

  • papervoid

    Never missing high fives.

    • zyrthofar

      Are you specifically referring to How I Met Your Mother? :)

      On a similar note, you can get greater high-five accuracy if you both look at the other person's elbow. It sounds really weird, but it actually works (at least for me).

  • drunkenninja

    1. Never stumbling over that crack in the sidewalk.
    2. Brushing teeth with actual toothpaste and not just a dry brush.
    3. People being thrown 10 feet when shot like they just got hit with a cruise missile.

    • xg549

      Wait. You're saying that using toothpaste only happens in movies? wat

    • zyrthofar

      Ref 3. I hate when that happens! Science has broken so many movies for me :D.

  • SevenTales

    People never locking up their lockers, or even closing them.
    Being able to hang at coffee shops and restaurants all day, every day.
    Most car explodes at the slightest touch.
    Getting mutant powers.
    Alien invasion.
    snakes on planes.
    One man with an infinite ammo gun against hundreds of helpless soldiers with seemingly no training and accuracy.
    Jumping cars that can survive the jump and then keep on rolling like nothing happened.
    Disarming a bomb by cutting "the red wire" with 5 seconds left on the very visible timer.
    Face masks so real, they even change proportions and structures.
    Somehow, if you shoot enough times in the air randomly by closing your eyes each time, you'll kill all the bad guys in the room...
    If you're not a stormtrooper.
    Removing an arrow in the field is a completely real procedure and does not produce bleeding to death in the next minute(s).
    Katana fights with clashing swords.
    flipping around while sword fighting will give you advantages, and not just exposing your back to your enemy.
    Pretty much any sword fight choreography, for that matter.
    Instant knockout gas/injection/chloroform.
    Sucking poison out.
    and so, so much more.

  • gabe2068

    Come back to life after getting shocked with a defibrillator. They fix irregular heart beats they don't bring people back to life.

    • zyrthofar

      Oh wait, they don't? I had the impression that they sort of force the heart to pump again by passing a short current in it. Hollywood again... :|

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • shiftcomma3

    When you hang up the phone and there's a dial tone.

  • ToixStory

    Getting a spacious apartment right out of college or, better yet, with no college at all.

    • Nerdeiro

      To add insult to injury, in Manhattan ! The same place where a 3m by 4m cubicle could go for thousands a month for rent.

  • septimine

    All groups of friends are magically diverse. You'll always have at least one black friend, one gay friend, one female friend and one Hispanic friend. Only in the movies.

  • sixstorm

    Somebody just mashing on a keyboard and "hacking" into a government computer system.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • Nerdeiro

    Going to a busy comercial district in a major city (London, Paris, New York, São Paulo, Tokyo, etc.) an finding a parking spot right in front of the building you're going to, on the first try, like some one was there holding the place for you.

  • frohawk

    Large crowds that somehow color coordinate.

  • Fooferhill

    Web searches for information that take under 3 seconds. No waiting for pages to load or dud links on TV-the Internet just works and gets them what they need every time.

    • spaceghoti

      Unless the plot calls for dramatic delays while some threat approaches in the background.

  • Gozzin

    Person after going into a river or ocean, comes out perfectly dry with dry hair.

    Computers only work that way in movies.

    Large swaths of city streets with no traffic.

  • pixelboot

    No one ever worries about paying rent or budgeting for trips. Money isn't really a thing on TV