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What size screen are you browsing snapzu on?

I'm on my PC with 27 inch monitor, but I'm curious about all of you!

4 years ago by manix with 38 comments

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  • spaceghoti

    Most of the time I'm browsing on an 8' tablet. That means a lot of site features aren't available to me.

    • ClassyCritic

      I also use a tablet, and it's a lot better than a phone that's for sure. It doesn't have full features, but it's manageable.

  • oystein

    Uhhh... Retina iPad mini size right now.

  • massani

    On my ancient 15" MBP with it's dumb 1440 x 900 resolution.

  • achensherd

    I usually use my 21.5" monitor in portrait orientation, but that's being used to restore my server right now, so I'm stuck on my 15.6" laptop display until that's done.

  • lustig

    13" laptop or 22 inch computer monitor

  • RoMS

    Microsoft Surface Pro 2. 10" 1920x1080.

  • Guilhem

    27" 1440p on desktop

    13" 1080p on laptop

    7" 1080p on tablet

    4.5" 720p on mobile

    It's great on the desktop and tablet, decent on laptop (can't use it on a half screen) and a nightmare on mobile (IE for lumia)

  • Cyrax

    I'm using one of my 23" monitors.

  • NerfYoda

    Right now I'm using a maximized browser window on the default scaled retina display on a MacBook Pro. I used to use the super ultra high res scaling, but the default is a lot nicer to my eyes.

  • ToixStory

    I'm browsing on a 32" Affinity tv that I use as a monitor, which unfortunately tends to wash out colors. :(

  • Teska

    27" acer. I can see everything clearer now

  • NotWearingPants

    Mostly on PC with 27 inch monitor. Occasionally on tablet.

  • gabe2068

    Some random big ass monitor my friend gave me. Don't know the exact site but its pretty old. Still flat screen and pretty high res so it doesn't matter.

  • Saltystew

    27" Samsung at 1920x1080 24" Asus at 1920x1080

  • racerxonclar

    24" 1920x1080 or 22" 1680x1050. Depends which monitor I have the browser on :P

  • Amulet

    13" MacBook Pro, iPad Air. Retina goodness. :)