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What habit can't you get rid off?

I bite my nails and I was wondering what other habits people have (good, bad or funny) that they want to but can't get rid of.

3 years ago by AinBaya with 21 comments

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  • spaceghoti (edited 3 years ago)

    Procrastination. I can't seem to shake it. Even now I should be leaving for work, but here I am talking about how I procrastinate instead.

    • AinBaya

      Yeah I get that. I'll usually procrastinate one thing by try to accomplish something like even finishing a TV episode or movie. Gives a good fake sense of accomplishment.

  • ClarkKent (edited 3 years ago)

    I feel like sometimes I'm addicted to winning, not just winning in general but I am talking everything in my head is a big competition. I play football sometimes and I feel the need to be hard on myself, to do better, be better, or when I run marathons I want to be the best.

    But its also very weird because I am a credit person, as bad as I feel for myself I always congratulate the other winner. I am hard on myself but give alot of credit when someone beats me.

    But I study and practice to perfection, I play alot of sports, Soccer, Football, Baseball, and strive to do better every game. I run and I push my body to its limits.

    I do not believe I have ever let anyone win in my life, to let them win. I am the first to tell someone if you beat me I will be the first one to shake their hand.

    It's a problem I know, okay?!

    • tehdiplomat

      I don't think those things are contradictory. I consider myself a very competitive person, I might be the most competitive person I know. But that doesn't mean I have to be a bad sport when I lose. The best part about being competitive is to find "worthy" competition. It's always more fun if there's a struggle involved to win.

      Of course a lot of competitive people can be sore losers, and those are just the worst, because they'll typically gloat when they win, and pile on excuses when they don't.

      • ClarkKent

        Ah this man. I am very humble when I win, I don't talk I don't gloat, I simply hand the ball over if its football or walk back and not say anything, which I feel like is a good because I get awkward. But everyone thinks that I am showing off. No, this is me just being me.

        Sore losers is what gets me. I cannot handle sore losers, it only takes my skill up that much more. Now you are giving me a reason to beat you more. Don't think I am the type of person who won't remember the guy 3 years later who beat me and gloated cause now I will train for that next moment.

        But than again that's just me.

    • AinBaya

      That's interesting, kind of gives the traits of an honest and motivated person

      • ClarkKent

        I just realized that was very poorly written and I am sorry, I had a 2 hour commute to the office and I am too tired to edit it.

        • AinBaya

          Unless you think its not conveying the ideas you wanted it to then I think it was fine

  • madjo

    Lurking around on Snapzu is a very hard habit to break. Today I managed to only be on Snapzu for 5 minutes during lunch break, and not go on it for the rest of the workday, but that was difficult, I had to admonish myself when I found myself typing in the address, nearly without thinking, when I was feeling a bit bored at work. But I have an app '7 weeks' that will hopefully help me break my routine. Everyday a reminder not to visit the site during work hours, and a small reminder when I can, until I can't any longer allow myself that luxury.

    Also eating salty snacks like chips/crisps and peanuts during movies. Whenever I watch a movie I need to eat. Which isn't good for my weight.

  • RoMS

    I drink coke, a lot. But! I do a lot of sport so I am fine with my addiction x3

    • spaceghoti

      Some unsolicited advice for you, but increase your water intake. A friend of mine is likewise into sports and also drank a lot of soft drinks (she was a Pepsi fiend, largely for the caffeine). She just suffered through a nasty bout of kidney stones because Pepsi wasn't helping her kidneys at all. I can't imagine that Coke will help you any more.

      • RoMS

        I usually drink a lot (of beer /jk). I seriously drink a lot of water and never experienced the stones (yet). I hope it indeed stays that way.

        Thanks for the advice.

  • drunkenninja

    I bite my nails when I stress out. I quit smoking, so there is that.

    • RoMS

      I advise you to start playing a chord instrument like the guitar. After some time you will want to fingerpick and slowly you might stop biting your nail.

      The girls liking the rocker kind of guy will come as a surplus. /s

  • darkbum

    I'm also a nailbiter, and have been as long as I can remember. I think my whole family at home has this vice to some extent, but I think mine is the worst. Apart from always being embaressed to let people see my hands, it also causes constant sharp pains in my fingertips which ive basically gotten used to. Annoying habit and im finding it hard to stop permanently.

  • erica

    Thumbsucking. It's so comforting.

  • idlethreat

    Smoking :(

    Well, I did graduate off to an electronic cigarette so technically I've quit cigarettes- just not nicotine. I've decreased my overall nicotine level to 18mg and holding. I mix my own liquids (pure PG, flavoring, and menthol), and they're all sourced from reputable dealers, so... Yeah. Smoking I guess.

  • ducky (edited 3 years ago)

    More like an OCD really, but I can't help but to check my door twice or thrice before being sure that it's properly locked when I go out :(

  • massani

    Honestly, playing with my hair. When I have longer hair, I tend to twirl it. It's kind of a weird thing. It only happens when I'm alone and only if I'm stressed, tired, or thinking. My mom does it too and that's probably where I get it. I haven't really encountered other people who do it as much as I do.

  • VoyagerXyX

    Nicotine consumption. It takes many forms. I vape now, but it's difficult to imagine a time in my life where I'm not consuming nicotine in the future. Shit is rough.

  • freespirit

    I pick the mascara off my eyelashes (this is bad because along with the mascara comes many of my lashes), I'm constantly trying to stop myself but it just feels oddly satisfying to do it. I used to be addicted to e-cigarettes but I've managed to curb that habit.