Snapzu, what do you think of when you look at the stars?

Personally I think ...wow, thus is truly amazing and beautiful. I want to go out there. I want to experience that. We are so small and floating on a rock in space. There is so much out there... that Is the wonderful thought I had.

5 years ago by Csellite with 38 comments

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  • VoyagerXyX

    How much of my life has flown by me and how little of it is left.

  • cunt

    How much light pollution there is in the city, more than 2/3rds of my country is light pollution free yet I live in one of the areas affected. I remember my mother telling me when I was about 5 that every star was a person who had died.

    Sometimes I feel dizzy from looking up

    • sixstorm

      This. There is a map somewhere on the web that shows how much light pollution is around you. Unfortunately where I live, I'd have to drive almost 2 states over to get the best view of the stars. One day I'll do it.

      • Csellite

        I live in a city as well. You can't see anything. I was outside the city yesterday and had a pretty great view.

        • sixstorm

          I can see the basics like the big and little dipper, plus Cassiopeia on most nights. But that's about it.

  • kikaider01


    No, seriously, follow me. Sit out under the stars, put your feet up, and let your mind wander. No great meditations, nothing in particular to focus on. Just take it in.

    I do this at my in-laws' place when we stay with them, usually after everyone else has gone to bed. A beverage is usually involved. On a typical night I'll see two or three meteors. The trick is not to expect anything, not to look for or wait for the meteors... just to be there. It's an incredibly restful and recharging time for me.

    • Wenjarich

      Sounds like you are kind of discribing the zoned out state I get into when I sit under a duvet on a winters day staring into a fire. There's something very hypnotic about fire that allows me to really enpty my thoughts. :)

      • folkrav

        Exactly how I feel. One of the reasons one of my favorite things ever is camping, especially when I get to light the campfire when it gets dark. I can sit there for hours, looking at the fire, then going for a walk and looking at the stars. With people close to you, it's even better. Makes for great conversations. My best bud / step-bro (my SO's sister's husband) and I got our best conversations ever around a campfire.

        • Raycu

          One of the most beautiful things is camping with friends and family, with not a goal in the world. If you want to go fishing, you walk to the sea or a lake. Late at night you can sit around a fire with drinks, and talk about anything, or just sit and look at the beautiful fire. There's freedom, and it's relaxing. Not a thing in the world can worry you when you're camping.

    • Csellite

      I love it. That sounds very relaxing. I'm going to try to do this tonight.

  • banjomedic

    That everything we can see is energy, and that we are a part of something much larger than we can even imagine. As above, so below.

    • Csellite

      I love when Neil Degrasse Tyson does a little talk about this and how we're all connected.

  • scp440

    Its like going to see a movie and sitting in the negative 5th row. Theres my dad joke for the day.

  • AinBaya

    As a kid and sometimes now if it's clear enough, I think of a thick heavy wooly blanket with holes through to a bright places (the holes being stars) but really it just reminds me how small I am in my life. I think about how inconrehensably large the universe is and how because of that, with respect to the people around me, I should do what I want and what makes me happy.

  • ToixStory

    I get anxiety and depression a lot, so looking at the stars is something that really calms me. It reminds me that I am just a tiny part of a greater cosmos that is larger than I could even imagine, and that the problems that seem impossible to overcome and that always weigh me down are just passing things that, in the grand scheme of things, aren't very important at all. I love the stars.

  • Qukatt

    I think of how sad it is that with all that is out there we as a species are so fixated on the bullshit of this rock when we could get out there and solve half of the problems that cause such tension.

    I hope that my kids will see the stars from outside of earth like they want to. Maybe they will take their old mum up someday.

  • Inconceivable

    I hunt for the things I know. Orion and Cassie, Jupes, Saturn, Mars, Venus if I'm lucky.

    I look for satellites. The ISS is easy to spot, and there are 3 people up there right now. Sometimes I get lucky and spot a real good flare, and I like to think to myself that I could be the only person on the planet who sees that satellite at that moment.

    I think about the vast expanses of time and space, and wonder who's out there. We're made of common stuff, so to think someone else is out there isn't too far fetched. I'm not saying they visit, just that they might be out there somewhere.

    In winter the air is so much clearer. During those months, I think to myself that the best seat to this show is only afforded to those that brave the cold.

  • babymeta1

    What I think about when I look at the stars? It's usually overwhelmingly depressing stuff.

  • WeEatTheBatman

    I think about all the things we will never understand or discover at all. I wonder if there is anybody out there staring back at us. And I like looking for my favourite constellations, like Orion, which is the coolest, in my opinion.

  • Mezziaz

    I realize that I can only see some of them in my peripheral vision, then I panic slightly and wonder why I can't if I focus on them. Then I delay my optician appointment by yet another month.

  • Pantera

    I always wonder if that's uranus I'm looking at.

    • Csellite

      I believe stars twinkle and planets don't but I do the same things. Trying to judge if it's twinkling or not.

  • douglas77

    That 100.000 years ago, humans where already watching that (nearly) same sky, and that we are as much in awe of that view as they must have been back then.

  • snakepaws

    I lament the fact that I'll never leave this planet within my lifetime, despite how vast the universe really is. I look out and feel humbled, amazed, alone, as one - a cpcktail of almost contradictory emotions, all at once.

  • oystein

    I wonder what it looks like in other solar systems.

  • PETA

    I dream about life in a world where all animals and humans are free under the stars

  • Sladix

    "Fuck, I'll never have the time fully embrace the beauty of life"

  • Galloway (edited 5 years ago)


    Out in the darkness,

    A fugitive running,

    Fallen from God,

    Fallen from grace,

    God be my witness:

    I never shall yield,

    'till we come face to face,

    'till we come face to face.

  • snakemanzx

    An old phrase I was taught in the Army, "Look up for inspiration, look down in desperation" So whenever I walk outside now, I always look up, in hope of inspiration. It never fails to surprise me the sheer scale and wonder that the sky holds.

  • cannon

    Sometimes I would wonder about how big and close these stars were billions of years ago and try to imagine every stars shrinking as if they're flying away from us hyperlapse style.

  • CultOfNone

    Huh, it's not so cloudy tonight.

    On more melancholy days I end up thinking of the sheer distance that light traveled on a scale I couldn't begin to comprehend.

  • geoleo

    How aliens that see our sun as a star have no clue of what's happening here on earth. And there are aliens out there, they just can't reach us.

  • freespirit

    It usually reminds me of just how small and insignificant my life really is. It's humbling. My worries diminish.

  • kerodean

    Lots. First is how small we are and how beautiful the stars are. Sometimes I'll imagine whats up there, like surely theres other life forms also looking up and wondering. I also think about the future and the past and how the stars are always twinkling away. Finally sometimes after looking at them for long enough they start to look like pinholes in a sheet of black paper and I imagine maybe we're just in a generated reality.