What non-curse words do you avoid using in your vocabulary? Curse words? Why?


amazing /awesome - I feel like these are grossly overused by everybody to describe things that are usually mediocre at best.

perfect - I use this one sparingly, because nothing is truly perfect, is it?

meme jargon - Y U No speak meme? Because I speak English.


cunt - it just sounds so percussive! I think it adds unnecessary hostility when talking.

I'll probably update my list as I think of words, but what are your no-nos, Snapzu?

5 years ago by leetmoaf with 21 comments

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  • Ryvaeus

    I try to avoid using awesome too much. Because if everything is awesome, nothing is.

    • sduque942

      but...but... everything is cool when your partying with friends

  • Rothulfossil

    A word I avoid using even thought I love it as a writer: niggardly. For obvious reasons.

    • Yeti89

      Had to look this one up. I've never heard it before! For the curious:

      nig·gard·ly ˈniɡərdlē/ adjective adjective: niggardly 1. not generous; stingy. "serving out the rations with a niggardly hand" synonyms: cheap, mean, miserly, parsimonious, close-fisted, penny-pinching, cheeseparing, grasping, ungenerous, illiberal; More informalstingy, tight, tightfisted "a niggardly person" antonyms: generous meager; scanty. "their share is a niggardly 2.7 percent" synonyms: meager, inadequate, scanty, scant, skimpy, paltry, sparse, insufficient, deficient, short, lean, small, slender, poor, miserable, pitiful, puny; More informalmeasly, stingy, pathetic, piddling "niggardly rations" antonyms: lavish, abundant adverbarchaic adverb: niggardly 1. in a stingy or meager manner.

  • AinBaya

    I try avoid using retard(ed) because I find it so derogatory

    • hingeattack

      I hate that people use it as an insult, because I prefer to use that to refer to retarded people, instead of mentally challenged, because who wants to say all that? Sadly, now it's considered a slur, and I have to use synonyms instead. I do still hear quite a few people using it as a normal word though.

      • AinBaya

        I think you missed my point there. I don't think the word should be used at all because I consider it a curse. That's why I said derogetory.

        • hingeattack (edited 5 years ago)

          I did not know that you considered it a curse word. You had called it derogatory, which has a wide range of applicable uses.



          showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.

          "she tells me I'm fat and is always making derogatory remarks"

          synonyms: disparaging, denigratory, deprecatory, disrespectful, demeaning;

          I assumed you meant derogatory to a similar degree to "douche" or even "fag"(another word that people have varying opinions on, so this might not be the best term to compare with), but not a curse. Thanks for clearing that up. The wide views that people have on the use of this word are precisely why I don't really use it. Instead I use more politically correct terms in public or in the company of people who may be offended, even though I prefer to use it for convenience purposes.

  • Idontmindturtle

    I try to avoid using the phrase "As a..." because it implies that people who also share that characteristic will agree with me, when most of the time I say "As a..." There will be disagreement within whatever field I am saying. e.g. "As a man...", "As an Australian...", "As a gamer...".

    I also avoid using "Umm", "Like" and "Ahh" wherever possible. It takes a while, but if you pay close attention to the way you speak, you will slowly phase it out, and then you will just avoid it by default.

    • leetmoaf

      Good ones! I like these avoidances, but unfortunately, I use Umm, Like and Ahh quite frequently.

      • Idontmindturtle

        I can loan you my father.... He may be able to assist you.

        He insisted upon us children avoiding pausewords to the point where if we said "um" or "ahh" to him, we had to write out the offending pause word one hundred times on a piece of paper and present it to him as proof. I thought he was being a horrible parent at the time, but I appreciate it now... I think that was my dads style of parenting though. Be the unpopular guy for 20 years, Have a good 40 years with his children after that. It's worked for the most part.

  • stitches

    I used to have issues with the word 'moist'. I'm still not a fan but I'm getting over it.

    Curse words - nothing is off the table. I have a mouth like a sailor, it's called colourful language for a reason. Fucksticks is my current favourite.

    • Gozzin

      I change what I use. Right now, as an example, I especially like variations on the world "Fuck" and will be borrowing your "fucksticks." I tend to say" Aw Fuck it" and "For Fuck's sake." I don't say words i see as put downs on other people like whore,cunt, nigga/nigger, retard, fag/faggot. I do not curse at people but at situations.

    • leetmoaf (edited 5 years ago)

      Moist is sort of an odd one, but I can see why. moist. mOIst. MoiST. Yeah I can see it.

  • 3rdWheel

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  • [Deleted Profile]

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