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    3 years ago
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    [Snapzu Enhancement] v1.0.3 (Chrome only -- Firefox soon)

    Snapzu Enhancement v1.0.3 change log

    • External libraries have been removed in favour of a more extensible format. A side effect of this was faster processing times!

    • Numerous enhancements for nightmode

    • Re-sized images should react to the rest of the website as expected, unlike the behaviour in the previous version

    • A new nightmode icon designed by Snapzu user imnotgoats -- Thanks so much!

    Chrome store link:


    Firefox news:

    Due to some issues with implementing changes required to make a non browser-specific library, Firefox will take some more time. However, it is my priority to get it out to you folks -- I'm trying my best!

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  • Image
    3 years ago
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    Hang on... that isn't Chrome!

  • Video/Audio
    3 years ago
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    Thundercat performs "Them Changes" - Pitchfork Nightcap

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    3 years ago
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    'Blog' post: The past, present and future of Snapzu Enhancement

    Having reached SE's 100th commit on SE's GitHub repository yesterday, I thought I'd make a post. I know 100 isn't that many, but I tend to commit rather lengthy sections of code.

    SE started on the 28th of June, so here are a few stats since then:

    • 4 contributors (including myself)! Thank you so much to the three who were able to read through the spaghetti that was my code and helping to improve SE. Every little bit counts.

    • 19,204 additions and 16,030 deletions! Yikes! The reason this is so high is because I've done a lot of restructuring of the project since the beginning, with the latest one being what I'll stick with until a better idea comes along.

    • 9 issues opened, 7 closed. This is big - I can't test every single facet of Snapzu, so having users create issues to bring this to my attention is fantastic! I'm sorry for shipping broken code but hey, nobody is perfect :)

    • 76 installations! It certainly isn't RES' 2 million, but I'm still grateful that even one person thought this extension would be worth installing.

    Those are all the stats that I can think to include for now. Onto the stuff you're here for!


    Yes, it is happening! The 20% of you folks will get your Firefox addon. I can't say when as I looked at the Firefox SDK for the first time ever a few days ago, but I hope to have version 1.0.0 out to you folks by the end of next week.

    I've just done a huge refactor of the code into a format that is much more extensible -- I mirrored how the RES repository does it, allowing modules and features to be added for both browses, instead of having a duplicate code base.

    Features to come in the future:

    • Add a "leave tribe" button when joining a new one, so you don't have to navigate the menus

    • Display a tribe's rules/etiquette when submitting a post/snap.

    • Retain text hyperlink when expanding images in comments

    • Random tribe selector

    • Ability to subscribe to tribes from the front page (/t/all?)

    • SHINY new icons/logos by /u/imnotgoats - props to him!

    • Further support for image hosts

    • Resizable webms

    • Better album handling

    Those are the main priorities, but I plan to look into friends and tagging, as well as highlighting for 'new' comments to threads that have been visited before.

    That's it for now! Expect version 1.0.2 for Chrome and Firefox sometime next week! The change log is rather short, but involved more work than any of the previous versions.

    Snapzu Enhancement v1.0.2 Change log

    • With the new project structure, you should notice significantly faster expando processing time - so those hasty clickers won't have to wait for SE to process.

    • A new icon for the nightmode toggle button

    • Minor enhancements to nightmode colouring to make everything more readable

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    3 years ago
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    [Snapzu Enhancement Release] v1.0.0 - Codename Pluto

    Codename Pluto - Version 1.0.0

    I decided that going up to version 0.1.0 from 0.0.1 was a silly idea. SO now I am going to be strict about versioning from 1.0.0. Each major release will be given a celestial name as a code name (because space, right?).

    This version brings:

    • Expando support for tribes

    • Nightmode

    • Imgur webm support (currently undraggable though, stay tuned)

    As always, there will be bugs! Feel free to yell at me here or on github!

    Edit: Fixed a very minor oopsie in v1.0.0, bringing the extension up to 1.0.1.

    Chrome store link:


    Github link:


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  • Image
    3 years ago
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    Nightmode sneak peek

    Huge thanks to /u/ithilin for allowing us to use his very thorough CSS that was in a styler script. And to logomaster256 on github for implementing night mode!

  • Text Post
    3 years ago
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    Snapzu Enhancement Release [v0.0.1a] (Chrome only)

    Hi guys,

    Sorry to the mods if this is an inappropriate place for this, but I've just released an alpha version of the Snapzu Enhancement extension.

    More info here

  • Text Post
    3 years ago
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    Snapzu Enhancement Release [v0.0.1a] (Chrome)

    Hi all,

    I've been hard at work over the past week and I'm happy to announce that Snapzu Enhancement has just been released -- version 0.0.1 alpha.

    Before I list the features, there are a few things you all need to know:

    1. I am not a JavaScript developer by trade, nor do I have much experience with it. This is a learning project for me but I am happy to share it with people, as you all seemed to be interested in RES for Snapzu.
    2. Seriously, I'm not a developer. I'm a chemistry/biology student at university.
    3. THERE WILL BE BUGS. Will it break your Snapzu? Hopefully not! Will it cause annoying problems that will make you want to wring my neck? Probably! But hey, free stuff!
    4. THIS IS AN OPEN ALPHA. The extension is nowhere near finished, nor is it anywhere near the same calibre as RES. I'll try my best to add features, but I can't promise everything.

    With that all over, here is the list of features in this version:

    • Front page galore! You'll be able to spend more time on the front page now, with the ability to see the content of text posts, images and video snaps!
    • Drag-to-resize images! ******* Note: this is only enabled on the front page images for now, while I figure out a solution for images within comment threads.

    Known issues (already, yes):

    • Flickr image posts are not supported yet, as they bring an additional level of complexity to show
    • Unable to preview posts from within a tribe: due to a difference in element structure between the front page and a tribe page, this still needs a bit of work before I can release it.

    That's about it, I think!

    Here's the link to the chrome store.

    Github link:


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    3 years ago
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    [SE] A quick update - beta expected this weekend

    Snapzu Enhancement (A quick update for 08/07/15)

    Hi all. Not sure how many this will reach, but I'll write it up anyway. As you know, over the last few days I have been developing an extension to improve (enhance!) the already wonderful Snapzu experience, in the vein of Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES).

    Here's a little timeline of what has happened so far:

    1. First code uploaded to github on July 5. I established the chrome extension (various bits and bobs) and worked on the nightmode feature. However, this has since been removed and put on the back-burner while I develop the more pressing features.
    2. On July 6, I added the incredibly hack-y method of returning a post's image (on the front page) by getting the thumbnail's URL and transforming it to give a GIF or JPG of the post's image.
    3. I also started on front page text post support, allowing users to read text posts from the comfort of their front page (via asynchronous XHR).
    4. On July 7, I added inline video support for YouTube video links.
    5. Last night I did a complete refactor of the code base. This moved the code from one ugly, long file into numerous different files. Each file is considered a 'module'. For those interested in JavaScript, look up AMD (Asynchronous Module Definitions).

    So as you can see, it has been a busy couple of days. The admins have stated that they expect an API to be released in a few months, which will let me (and other developers) work on a plethora of other features currently impossible or impractical to implement.

    Features expected for beta launch this weekend:

    • Front page support for inline text posts, image posts and video posts
    • Easier to see stickies on tribe pages

    Features currently in development:

    • Highlighting of 'new' comments (to a thread you have visited before)
    • Drag-to-resize images (like in RES)

    Features down the road:

    • Nightmode (It sounds simple but involves a LOT of work, compared to the others
    • Ability to see related links from the front page

    Features to come after the API is released:

    • Friend and tagging system
    • Saving posts
    • More to come
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  • Image
    3 years ago
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    [SE] Inline video now supported

  • Image
    3 years ago
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    Snapzu Enhancement - GIF and JPG 'Expando' test

    An example of what's to come in the first version of my Snapzu Enhancement extension for Chrome.

  • Image
    3 years ago
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    Snapzu Enhancement - Text post example

    There are currently a few bugs to work out with this (involving text posts that have ordered/unordered lists) but some great progress has been made!

  • Text Post
    3 years ago
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    So this RES-like feature will be coming soon (gif inside)



    Working on some RES-style features. Unfortunately there are a lot of things that can't be done without an API. The code to do just this is quite the hack, for lack of a better term. Happy to post source code once I've got something I am happy with.

    Let me know if you guys would like this!



    Text posts can now be expanded on the front page, with tribe expanding support just a step away. I haven't decided on a name, but Snapzu Enhancement sounds just fine to me!