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Published 5 years ago by slandy with 4 Comments

Snapzu Enhancement - GIF and JPG 'Expando' test

An example of what's to come in the first version of my Snapzu Enhancement extension for Chrome.


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  • daemonk

    Cool. Maybe snapzu's devs should implement this natively in the site.

    • Rothulfossil

      I think that'd be a great idea. I'm loving what I've seen so far on Snapzu, but I do kind of miss the user-friendliness of the Reddit Enhancement Suite. Only a matter of time until Snapzu has all of that worked out, though.

  • Atilly

    This is cool. Firefix as well? Or just Chrome currently?

    • slandy

      The idea is to get it out for FF as well. The current code base works with both browsers, but because of the way chrome extensions need to be implemented vs Firefox addons, it will take a little bit of work. My priority right now is getting features going. Porting will come after.

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