Snapzu Enhancement Release [v0.0.1a] (Chrome only)

Hi guys,

Sorry to the mods if this is an inappropriate place for this, but I've just released an alpha version of the Snapzu Enhancement extension.

More info here

5 years ago by slandy with 18 comments

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  • picklefingers

    Cool. Checking it out now. You should post the github link here as well. I'm sure all of us coders would like to help work on this.

    • Wenjarich (edited 5 years ago)

      I will charge forth, with my 3 days of learning python under my belt, no knowledge of what a github is, and a heart full of good intentions, and I will add functions. Functions of such grandeur, functions that will be spoken of for years to come, functions that print such supportive messages to all the real coders, thus bolstering spirits and so resulting in a better product. And if it so happens that my functions do not work, I will not be disheartened! For I will then resolve to comment! Never will you have seen commenting of such sinceriry. I will hashtag and triple quotation mark like never before. (also ignoring the fact that python probably has nothing to do with this!)

      HAZAAH! let us coders unite, come together to make an enhancement suit for all! FOR WE ARE SNAPPERS!

    • slandy

      Updated the post in /t/enhancement with the github link!

  • ortsac

    Awesome that you're working on this! How do you make things expand though? I ve got it installed but I can't find any button to view content from the front page.

    • [Deleted Profile]

      [This comment was removed]

    • slandy (edited 5 years ago)

      Expanding is currently only enabled for the front page while I work out a solution for tribe pages and comments, and is connected to the thumbnail. Clicking on the thumbnail of an image/video/text post on the front page should work (with a few known issues regarding flickr and I haven't been able to test a video source other than youtube yet).

      /u/UpAndRunning /u/phosphorescent

  • tehdiplomat

    FYI, you can post in more than one tribe at a time that way you don't have the same exact post showing up on my feed twice.

    • ortsac

      With normal snaps yes, but discussion posts are actually locked to the tribe they're posted in

      • tehdiplomat

        Ah I Didn't notice it wasn't an actual link to something. With a name like "Release" I'd expect it to point to what was being released.

  • Arbituz

    This is awesome! Thank you! Can't wait to get home and try it out

  • Jupiter7

    Awesome! Checking it out right now!

  • Crator

    Sweet I'll try it out

  • ToixStory

    Great job, just installed it! I'm not a coder or anything but I'll be happy to give feedback if you need it. I'm looking forward to what this could become.

  • AlexSage

    Hmm, my most wanted feature isn't in there yet. I want a controllable top bar list of tribes instead of the seemingly random one they give us :(. Either way keep the work :D.