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Published 10 months ago by kxh with 3 Comments

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  • AnitaClark

    It is quick, easy, and tastes good...that is the "why" consumers eat that crap. Stay on the outside aisles of the grocery store and you can drastically reduce the amount of ultra-processed foods you/we eat.

  • ClarkKent

    I always say this, we are eating more and more processed fews and getting sicker and sicker as the years go by.

    • Gozzin (edited 10 months ago)

      I've complained about this very thing for years. The more processed the "food",the bigger profits are made and the less we benefit. I only eat unprocessed real food,not the soy,grain,sugar,vile oils like canola and corn oils, laden glop that's down the middle isles of the grocery stores. And then there is "Beyond meat" which is yet more processed ,hydrogenated grain,legume slop pretending to be "healthy".

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