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Published 4 years ago with 14 Comments

RAW: Canadian road rage incident



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  • davidrools

    Is snapzu the Canada of the internet?

    • UpAndRunning (edited 4 years ago)

      No, it's actually way simpler than that. Snapzu is only constituted of Canadians or people living in Canada.

  • idlethreat

    And here we see two Canadians in their natural habitat, aggressively apologizing to one another after a minor vehicle accident...

  • jcscher

    Can't we all just get along?

  • UpAndRunning

    The orange shirt guy looks like Keegan-Michael Key.

  • Pockets69 (edited 4 years ago)

    I don't get this? why are they complaining with each other? did the car even hit the other one? i couldn't see, and if it did, why the hell is the officer telling them to move along, i sometimes have trouble understanding these road rage videos coming from the other side of the Atlantic...

    Would someone (if anyone understands) care to explain.

    • StickyKees

      Because they were arguing instead of taking insurance information civilly and it could have escalated into a brawl. There didn't appear to be any damage done to the vehicles from this angle. If there was damage, they should have moved off the street instead of blocking traffic.

      • Pockets69

        Exactly this, i did see them arguing, but the fact that officer told them to move along, if they had an accident telling them to move is pointless, also in the place they were, there was really nowhere else to move, and why the hell was the guy from behind screaming like an idiot, if there was an accident it was his damn fault (unless the rules over there are different), some people just don't know the rules or how to behave.

  • wolfeater

    This is pretty much exactly what I expected.

    And this comes from Toronto, which is in my opinion one of the more aggressive places in Canada.

  • MillenCioran

    This cop could have been an excellent teacher. A perfect balance of calm, assertive energy and unadulterated, yet poised, shaming. Tapping into Korean notion's of "nunchi" (or the eyes of others) this guy quickly made two adrenaline pumped males back down in such a way that both were revealed for who they truly were, but both could later claim to have saved face at the highest moment of their lives. Kudos to the officer in the video, I refuse to make a hasty generalization here though and assume this man represents all of Canadian law enforcement, but he clearly represents himself, in the highest integrity and exasperation concerning the damaging rupture of "belligerent boyhood" that always threatens to break the seal of man.

  • Retard

    Basterds should have smashed each other in de face. man arent men until they fuck each other up

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