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Published 5 years ago by bogdan with 3 Comments

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  • idlethreat

    I can't see how BB releasing an Android phone do anything helpful. For one, current BB users wouldn't buy it. Current Android users wouldn't buy it since it didn't have all of the latest bells and whistles and quad core goodness they expect from Samsung.

    Arguably, BB's greatest strengths are the QNX-based software (the hub rocks!) and security. Taking that over to Android gives them nothing.

    • drunkenninja

      Black Berry is trying anything at this point, they just can't seem to crack the market and it's now forcing them to make ever more risky decisions. I agree with you though, they need to stick with what they are good at and expand on that.

      • idlethreat

        Just recently picked up a Z30 and it's an amazing bit of kit. Great performance, 2 days battery life (was a wall-hugger with my Nexus 4), intelligent design, wondered why I wasted all those years without the Hub, Amazon store for that handful of Android apps I couldn't do without, it's great.

        They need to play up those strengths. A fast, secure OS with Android compatibility. Heavy on the fast and secure.

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