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Published 5 years ago by picklefingers with 5 Comments

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  • Atilly

    Looks like they're going Micro USB, instead of the more powerful USB 3.0. Might not be a bad idea, as Blackberry phones have used Micro USB for however long.

  • bogdan

    I'm curious how people feel about these curve sided phones. I think they're really ugly but it's probably not the general opinion, is it?

    Otherwise, thanks for posting this, I was actually waiting to see what Blackberry were going to come up with.

    • Spooky

      I don't particularly like them, but I think this phone actually looks really nice.

  • KingWizard

    I'm currently using a blackberry z30 but I'm definitely going to buy this phone when it comes out. I especially like the slide up keyboard and the fact that it's going to have android os will solve most of the problems I'm currently facing app wise.

    • picklefingers

      The fact that it wasn't on Android was one of the major reasons I moved away from the blackberry, which was my first smart phone. The app market was OK but it wasn't anywhere close to the other two. I may actually look at this phone when it comes out.

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