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Published 1 year ago with 7 Comments

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  • ttubravesrock

    I stopped reading when the author called mayonnaise "Satan's Sauce" and "feces."

    I expect something that's not completely shit coming from Popular Science.

  • Appaloosa

    I like it. We should kill all those who do!

  • achekulaev

    Mayo is the greatest sauce of all times.

    And let me tell you about time proven marker: if you see "science" claims about regular food, they are probably false.

    Now get me wrong, if you see claims that too much grease is bad, then listen to yourself, you probably aways knew it was. You could get sick eating too much greasy food at once. The same works for other things like alcohol or too much salt.

    But all other claims about regular food are usually just stupid. They are this way since the "cholesterol" hysteria. Then "fat" hysteria. If you eat balanced food, you are probably just fine. You don't need special super-diet to be fine. Just eat some fresh (preferably seasonal) veggies, fruits, do not eat too much food, do not abuse carbohydrates or fat and you are fine. Very straightforward.

  • 66bnats

    I like it, I just don't like how it makes my ass fatter.

    • Gozzin

      It dosen't make your ass fatter. I like the avocado type.

  • Rhino1

    Of course, fundamentally, mayo is just thickened oil so it's rather unfashionable compared to todays philosphy though I make it with garlic oil (which I've cooked beforehand) and add plenty of pepper and/or paprika and/or chili powder and/or parsley and/or chives so with augmented flavouring, I need less of it. I guess you could use chili oil or whatever oil you've got (rosemary, thyme, dill etc) or add capers, or anchovies or gerkin. Regular exercise does away with any health issues as regards what one eats (IMO).

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