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Published 3 years ago with 15 Comments
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  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • Zeus (edited 3 years ago)

    Simple solution: We continue to fund stadiums, but only on other planets.

    • Gozzin

      Mars should be first.

  • CDefense7

    I found the article weak and was going to post a bunch of questions and try to poke holes but then I watched the related John Oliver video posted and it answered all my questions. I'd highly recommend the video.

    • skolor

      Last week tonight has been particularly interesting to me. I'm not sure if it's just Baader-Meinhof, but I seem to see something start cropping up online, then see the topic was covered recently on John Oliver's show.

  • oystein

    I want a mission to Eris but it is 70 AU out (while Pluto is only 40)

  • Rothulfossil

    Er... Skol policy?

    I'm a huge Vikings fan and I'm loving the new stadium already. I hope people don't see this as, "We should spend less on football stadiums," instead of, "We should spend more on space exploration." We're a damn rich country. The money is there. It's just sitting on the Cayman Islands, not being taxed.

    • davidrools

      I agree. Thought a stadium mostly benefits its owners, and to a much lesser degree its visitors. Space exploration benefits everyone, to some degree.

    • SevenTales

      Well, since most of the funding comes from the public, I'd argue that yes, we should spend less on football stadiums is a valid point. If the bill was taken from the owners, I wouldn't mind at all. But we really do need to spend more on space exploration. And education. And healthcare. And public services. And...There's so much stuff that comes before spending public funds into football stadiums.

      • mcsmitheslc

        I have to agree with you. While I have the disclaimer of not being a sports fan, I think we are better off when we direct that money to those things as well. Sports can be fun for the fans, but the money can come form other sources as well so we can help those causes.

      • Rothulfossil

        I should clarify that I think we have plenty of money to spend the same amount of money on football stadiums as well as spending more than that on space exploration, education, healthcare, etc. The mentality I hope to avoid is, "We shouldn't be spending that much on football stadiums if we can't afford everything else!" Because when we fix our shitty tax system, we sure as hell can afford everything else. Plus, after tax reform with a progressive tax, plenty of revenue would be coming from the NFL anyway, where it'll feed back into itself.

        • SevenTales

          Oh of course if there is any money to spare, I would be all for it. As long as the main and necessary areas are covered, I couldn't be more happy for the excess to go into entertainment of all forms, including stadiums :D

  • Francopoli

    The thing that pisses me off more than the costs involved is that the taxpayers are always screwed in stadium deals. The NFL makes 45 billion a year, then comes to the taxpayers, threatens them, extorts them, and gets massive concessions and payouts at a time when our schools need to be fixed. Our water delivery systems are boned and antiquated. Our power grid is a laughing stock and in desperate need of modernization. Don't get me started on roads and bridges and mass transit options.

    Take the aside for a moment that this cost more than a 10 year long space mission to the edge of the solar system. Think about that else we could do, hell, need to do with that money. If the NFL wants a stadium so damn bad, they should be on the hook for the things. Or maybe we need to look at their tax exempt status and start saying words like "anti-trust violations" when we talk about them.

    Stadiums NEVER deliver on their promises. Hell the stadiums and arena in Los Angeles can't make money. If the LA stadiums can't make money how in the hell is a smaller town going to break even?

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