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  • RockyTron (edited 8 years ago)

    This is space porn to me. I spent so much of my career so far sweating over details of drilled core and rock samples, geophysical measurements and the limits of assumption and interpretation, all for the almighty natural resource and engineering dollar. Here these lucky dogs are applying my science to these great unknowns using the best tools we have on a space-based platform.

    I am jealous beyond belief, my blood might actually turn green.

    Here we see the same geomorphological forms and functions that tell us the stories we know so well and hold so dear to our interpretations here on earth, on a frozen body orbiting in the twilight of our star. I mean, it's just incredible. And what could we expect? Our previous image of Charon before these images were downloaded were but a smudge of about 40 pixels of grayscale. A veritable dearth of information. The contrast is so incredible it makes my heart race and my skin go clammy. This information is invaluable, and scientists like myself (but alas, not me!) are tasked with interpreting this information without holding the material in their hands. They are restricted by the same assumptions and limitations I am in my everyday work, but can hardly feel hamstrung the way I do when I come up against troublesome assumptions or bad drillholes based on conjecture.

    These men and women are the pioneers that are tasked with generating the primary source. The first look. The first interpretation. Their work will be scrutinized, compared, and improved for decades and centuries to come. I am greeeeeeeeeeeen with envy, this shit is sooo cool!

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