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Published 4 years ago with 6 Comments

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  • aj0690

    Here is a solution. Don't eat there, it's bad food served by a bad industry doing bad things to you. I don't there is anything positive about the fast food industry.

    • NinjaKlaus

      There is one thing good about McDonald's, I can buy a burger for $1.29 and get a burger, fries and drink for under $4. I don't have to use my own dishes, I don't need a lunch bag, I'm already out driving anyway so it's no more gas used. I don't have to use my gas to cook anything. You can't say a lot good about McDonald's, but it's a cheap meal for anyone that can't cook a lot. Lunch made easy.

      • Crator

        This is the reason they will always be around. It's convenient.

    • Gozzin

      I don't there is anything positive about the fast food industry.

      Same here. Sugar loaded,cheap processed crap.

  • NinjaKlaus

    I think the number one problem for McDonald's and why they are losing customers to those new chains is the same reason everybody else is, the prices are going up up up and the quality isn't as good. If I can get a fast burger with fresh ingredients and larger than McDonald's burger for roughly the same price, why wouldn't I go there? McDonald's and company used to be fast quick cheap food, that's not really true anymore compared to new chains that offer better and more quality at the same price. The only reason McDonald's is holding on so well, IMO, is because of the Dollar Menu, and even now those items aren't all a dollar. I only use McDonald's for the dollar menu now, because it fills a hole and is cheaper than a numbered meal.

  • alapseofsanity

    McDonald's just should have ignored Super Size Me and kept sticking to their crappy food. Everyone wanted them to start serving healthier options, but I swear I have never seen anyone actually order any of the healthier options.

    Carl's Jr. / Howdys got it right. They embraced what they were and became a hub of pure gluttony. They had goddamn pop tart ice cream sandwiches for God's sake. Right now you can go there and get The Most American Thickburger, which is a 1/3 pound burger with hot dogs and chips on it. I actually ate one of those, and as a white person, I never thought the words "there's too much mayonnaise on this" would ever come out of my mouth.

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