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Published 5 years ago by trails with 3 Comments

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  • Dernhelm

    I have seen it called the poor tax for years. People with their dreams of becoming a millionaire will try almost anything.

  • pixelboot

    I used to be sort of lucky with Bingo scratch cards. Once I was waiting at the train station for about an hour. I bought one Bingo ticket when I first arrived, and proceeded to win off every ticket after that until my friends arrived. It was pretty cool, I won about 8 tickets. I never played again after that day, I figured I used up all my luck in that sitting.

    Then, about 6 months ago, a somewhat immediate family member won big money. Ever since then, I buy a draw ticket every time I get gas. I doubt I'll ever win anything, but I don't mind paying the $3/week just so I can think about it.

    • drunkenninja

      Your approach to this is a good one. As long as you're not spending hundreds of dollars every month thinking you're bound to win.

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