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  • Aaron215 (edited 4 years ago)

    Hi! New here, I just got the invite and signed up. I had a question about your No Censorship policy. You say "No censorship: We strongly believe that transparency and freedom of speech is vital to any community, especially online. For this reason, submitted content belongs to users and thus can never be removed." (Emphasis mine). Just to clarify, you do remove content if it breaks one of your 12 etiquette rules, right? I imagine if someone posted a link to an article that qualified as hate speech, or someone rapidly posted a lot of empty text posts to farm XP, those would be deleted, correct? If not, why not?

    Sorry if this was asked already.. if I've learned one thing from my time on the internet, it's that I rarely have a thought that someone hasn't already brought up, I just am new to this website and haven't figured out how to search through the comments efficiently yet :-)

    EDIT: Welp, that's what I get for posting too hastily I guess. I found my own answer, here it is for anyone in the future who is looking for it:

    6. What is your stance on censorship?

    Unless the content is breaking site rules or any laws, it will not be edited or removed. We have plans on creating a public moderation log for each tribe, regardless of size, for full transparency.

    So yes, it will be deleted! :-)