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Tribe Talk Wishlist

So, I'll admit I'm a tiny bit out of my element on this one. I've never moderated anything before and I'm only the moderator of one very small very specialized tribe here so far, but I think it would be valuable to start this discussion early and keep it going as often as possible.

What mod tools would the mods and chiefs of snapzu like to be implemented so that they can be clearly presented to the admins? Could be tools you've enjoyed from other sites or things you've always wished other sites had.

3 years ago by cmagnificent with 8 comments

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  • Axiomatic (edited 3 years ago)

    Part of me would like to see custom thumbnails or labels available to moderators for text posts/stickies, so that some emphasis could be given to special posts such as "Topic of the Week" or "Tribe of the Month". I would also like to see less lossy image compression, so that banners and tribe flags don't appear so pixelated.

    • FRIK

      Agree, the image I put up looks much worse than when it was designed.

      • Axiomatic

        Yeah, that is why I have been using black and white for all of my tribe flags and banners, because the noise doesn't seem to be as visible that way as it is with color images.

  • zylo47

    I'm not sure at this point but it definitely seems like there's plenty of room for growth on this site. I am moderating two tribes now. I'm also a first-timer. Good luck!

  • Roundcat (edited 3 years ago)

    Not sure if this feature exists, but an option for tribe specific flairs, much like the ones on subreddits. example: for this tribe, you can add a flair that signifies which tribes you lead.

    • pseudopsynic

      I'm late to the party on this discussion, but I really like this idea!

  • massani (edited 3 years ago)

    This isn't a necessity as the community is still small, but I think it would be nice to have a tabbed section at the top that links to a sort of Wiki/Resources page. I think this could be especially helpful for tribes dedicated to a certain craft or trade. Even specialty interest tribes too.

    • thesavagemonk

      I totally agree. Even if it's not a full-fledged "wiki" system, having a simple html tribe page that chiefs or chiefs+mods (with chiefs' permissions) can edit would be really great.

      Also more custom modules than just the rules on the sidebar...