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What is the best part of growing older?

There are always the creaky joints to remind us of time passing, but what do you find is getting better with age?

3 years ago by OldTallGuy with 11 comments

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  • idlethreat (edited 3 years ago)

    For me, the top 3 might happen to be:

    - not getting carded for drinks, smokes, whatever - okay, perhaps a part of me feels a little crummy about it but damn, it's nice not having to pull the wallet back out again

    - not getting pulled over and questioned all the time by cops - I was a long-haired metal head from the deep south so I spent a lot of time getting questioned by various members of the police force. Sure, I looked scary, but I was pretty tame

    - feeling comfortable with me - I think that actually hit around the mid-30's or so. I'm completely at peace with who I am, and what I am. I make no apologies for my habits, quirks, kinks, or preferences. went through a number of depressing and stressful periods of my life. I learned a lot. And I'm a better man because of it.

    • OldTallGuy

      Being comfortable with myself has gotten me through a lot bad periods in my life too. When I was young I was always worried about what other people thought of me, now I couldn't care less, I don't try to alienate others but if they don't like me that's their loss.

      I always tease cashiers when they don't card me. They usually laugh when a 6'7" tall guy with a head full of gray hair tells them "I was hoping I looked young enough that you'd have to check my ID".

      • idlethreat

        Wow. 6'7". 6'4" here. I feel your pain. Can't get comfortable on planes, beds are too short, and any vehicle short of a SUV or truck has your kneecaps by your ears.

  • Boudicca

    My husband and I had 7 kids between us, me 2 him 5, and we were looking forward to some child free decadence in our later years- travel, theatre, eating out, etc etc. Then came a surprise- I gave birth to our combined 8th child at almost 49! We thought long and hard about bringing this little chap into the world and boy are we so glad we did. What a terrific, if totally unplanned and daunting life event. He is 3 and a half now and he enjoys, travelling (a lot), eating out and the theatre (sometimes). What a joy to have the maturity (no sweating the small stuff)and financial freedom to enjoy seeing and experiencing the world through this little boy's eyes. Parenting has never been so much fun. But my god, those joints are sore in the morning.

    • OldTallGuy

      You must be Superwoman. I love being with my Grandson but I also like to option of giving him back to his parents at the end of our visits, I can not imagine doing what you're doing. You have my admiration, your little boy is lucky to have such terrific parents.

      • Boudicca

        ha ha....superwoman I'm not....at all...I do have a fantastic partner and that makes a big difference.

  • spaceghoti

    The older I get the more I can justify my claim to be a "dirty old man."

    It's been a lifelong pursuit.

  • oystein

    Forgetting all your mistakes.

  • OldTallGuy (edited 3 years ago)

    I like the financial freedom I've earned. After raising a couple of kids and having them move on it's nice to have the luxury to make a mistake or donate to a charity and not feel like I've put myself in a big hole that will take me weeks to get out of.

    The relationship with my wife gets better everyday, after spending several decades together there is a comfort level with each other than I hope other people get to experience.

  • Shescrafty

    As someone that suffers from anxiety, the freedom of caring less and less what other people think of me has been a godsend! I am finally in a place where I like myself, which has been a long time coming.

    • Gozzin

      Yup,so true..As one gets older you realize people are not paying half as much attention to you as you think they are.