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Text Post: [IDEA] Reddit Refugees thread posted by folkrav
Conversation 14 comments by 12 users
  • Zugallus

    Checking this place out until Victoriagate blows over. It looks great!

    • gabe2068

      You think it will blow over? I kind of think this might be the end of reddit for a lot of people.

      • vulpixwithdix

        I made the choice to come here instead of reddit. I'm glad I did! Seems much more friendly and less hate-fueled rage. Feels kinda comfy =)

        • DatTomahawk

          I honestly don't see a reason to leave Reddit entirely. There are still a lot of subreddits that don't have a community herethat I still want to use. If I were you I wouldn't completely abandon Reddit.

          • Jackalope (edited 4 years ago)

            Hrmm... I don't see how reddit will recover from this—as long as the admins and CEO are digging in their heals and not engaging the community over their concerns, more people are going to get frustrated and leave. Maybe that's their endgame? Regardless, I'm finding a lot of the content I enjoyed in the subreddits represented in tribes here—some of the focus is a bit broad, but it will specialize out soon enough!

            • ZanThrax

              After 8 years and change, I'm ready to move on from Reddit. But there's nowhere near enough of a userbase here for the Snapzu equivalent of the smallish subreddits to form.

            • Jackalope
              @ZanThrax -

              Yup. I started a couple of tribes when I emigrated during the recent reddit AMAgeddon (/t/commutercycling and /t/3dprintingsladlp) and things are still very quiet there. But then, these tribes are only days old. I'm willing to give it a little time before I become disillusioned.

      • Zugallus

        You're right. It's the end of Reddit's glory days, alright, and with it a lot of people will leave. But there will be quite a while until the niche subreddits I actually used Reddit for become thriving enough around here. But as for the default subreddits, I'll gladly switch over to this place.

      • Niqulaz

        It will blow over. Reddit will remain in some form or fashion. Look at the front page of reddit in private mode. Around 25% of the content is back to normal. Of course, it's from "smaller" subs like /r/aww or /r/mildyinteresting while the bigger subs like /r/pics and /r/funny is still getting user backlash from having turned on the lights again.

        But three days from now, it'll be back to what it was in the past. Only with fewer users around.

      • shadow1515 (edited 4 years ago)

        Yeah, I think the site will continue to be huge for quite a while still from sheer inertia but I'm fairly confident this is the beginning of the end, however long and protracted that ends up being.

        That said, I'll certainly still be using Reddit for as long as there are communities I enjoy there. But the more I use Snapzu the more I prefer the layout, so hopefully as the migration accelerates some of my favorite communities will find a home here as well.

      • worthlessgalaxy

        I think it will drastically reduce my reddit, down to just a few subs. I was getting tired of some of the constant jokes and memes in places where they didn't add to the conversation. I will probably stay with just a few subs that I really liked that I don't expect to migrate over.

        I think reddit will be split between several sites. All the sites will probably be better for it, spread out some of that toxicity.

      • picklefingers

        I think it will "blow over" but this hit looks like the site has changed forever. Things came to the surface that have never been shown before. I think reddit has officially entered its final days as the top dog in the content aggregation world. I don't think it will completely die. I think it will revamp itself like most dying sites and really pander to a very niche market.

      • Potzblitz

        i will stay at least for some Subreddits... Motorsports, for example, is quite low here... The WEC Crowd over on Reddit is awesome... The Mods and People... i would miss them the most.

    • slib

      rip, it's already over.