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Conversation 11 comments by 10 users
  • bogdan

    Probably the fact that it hasn't collapsed under its own weight speaks volumes.

    I did not vote on the poll. Don't want to skew the results of the people of Reddit.

    • Stoic

      I did not vote on the poll. Don't want to skew the results of the people of Reddit.

      We probably skewed the results pretty badly because of this post. I didn't vote for the same reason either, but I want to know what the results were before @baron778 linked to it here.

      • Aditya

        I think it may also have something to do with how voat has been down for the last few days and snapzu's been working fine.

      • massani

        When he first linked it, I voted. It looks like we were sitting at 91 votes with 33% from what I remember. So I'm assuming the number of votes for Snapzu was probably in the 80s just prior to him linking.

      • get9

        I voted on that shortly after it was posted. It's fluctuated between 30~50%. 50% is towards the high end, and I believe it may be skewed because it was linked, here. Either way, it was doing well, just not as well.

      • ColonBowel

        I saw the results of the poll before it was posted here on Snapzu. Snapzu was still in first place, although not by as much.

    • Jello

      Seconded, Snapzu is the only alternative that I have been able to consistently use over the past couple of days. This is a good thing though because Snapzu seems like the front-runner anyways. Lets just hope it can continue to hold up the way it has.

    • jrmy

      I think the invite system has played some role into allowing them to artificially regulate the demand.

      Do you by chance know if they have provided any info about the implementation? Platforms, db, cache, systems, etc.

      • bogdan

        I wish I did. From what I can see the server is Apache PHP Mysql, pretty standard. Don't know if it's running off a framework or anything of the sort.

        • ToixStory

          I'm pretty ignorant on the whole thing, but will snapzu allowing users to upload photos and such directly have an effect on uptime? I always assumed reddit's use of imgur was to keep its servers free.

    • nyx

      Thanks for not voting. I started this poll and I've been "monitoring" it from the beginning but suddenly the amount of votes spiked and I was wondering if it had been posted anywhere else. Anyway, it was simply to satisfy my curiosity and possibly help out users who wanted to get into a new website so it's pretty harmless.