Text Post: Happy Thanksgiving!!! posted by CrookedTale
  • twoBits

    Happy to hear you're having a good Thanksgiving. Ours was pretty good too. We had Thanksgiving with our neighbors today. We split the cooking duties and all met at their place around 1:30pm CST. They have 3 girls and we have 3 girls all around the same age so it works out pretty well; until the fighting starts of course. ;)

    The only bad part is I am on-call this week. Interestingly, my wife and I were hurriedly attempting to get all the food together before 1:30 and ( of course ) I get all call. Luckily, it didn't take to long to resolve and we weren't too late.

    • CrookedTale (edited 4 years ago)

      My wife has been on call the whole day, home health nurse, which is why I think she started cooking early. She didn't get called in though, which is good, but she is on call until 8:00 am tomorrow which means if someone has a bit of heartburn tonight she may have to run out. Luckily she does not drink wine like a fish or me. I am on call 24/7/365 internationally but fuck Singapore. If they have problems they can wait until tomorrow, which I suppose is now. I can do my job half drunk anyway so no big deal really. It's just media and money anyway. I would have loved to spend Thanksgiving with my neighbors but I am the president of the HOA so they loath me. I had one complaint on Monday about the amount of stray cats in the neighborhood. Like what am I supposed to do! shoot them because they are an inconvenience to you? I hate them also but for fricks sake do they expect me to be cat wrangler extraordinaire? I hope the call didn't screw you up too much and you had a wonderful thanksgiving!