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Allow me to introduce myself....Hi! I'm Sandra

Hi Snapzu Community;

My name is Sandra. I'm an ADHDer with a penchant for chocolate, coffee and sarcastic eye rolling. I was born in Argentina and live in San Diego California where I work at a renewable energy re-enacting scenes from the movie Office Space, except without the rebellion and flair. Right now I sit next to one of five ferns around the office, although there are rumors that I might be relocated next to the printers and across from Liz - a hypochondriac Mormon mother of three who has at least one relative a month die. Basically, I can't ask her how she is doing. The answer is never good and I've had to learn this the really hard way. Anyway, fingers crossed for this sweet spot!

I started a blog at the beginning of the year to entertain myself at work:


Writing helps me brainstorm and gives my thoughts focus - something that is hard for me to do with ADHD. I'm hoping to use Snapzu to engage in a community of accepting folks, gain new perspectives and maybe be inspired. My interests are all over the board. I love learning about all kinds of topics - art, literature, science, technology, music, ect. I'm one of those people that knows a little about everything and can schmooze a room of rocket scientists as well as stoned out surfer dudes. Hopefully I'll find a niche here.

It's great to meet ya'll. Feel free to reach out and engage!

9 months ago by SandrasReality with 14 comments

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  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • drunkenninja

    Welcome to Snapzu!

    • SandrasReality

      Thank you drunkenninja! I look forward to reading some of your posts.

      • drunkenninja

        Ditto! Looks like you got a fantastic start already with your content. Have you created a tribe yet?

        • SandrasReality

          I'm not ready to be a tribe leader hahaa! Still figuring out how this works!

  • jcscher

    Hello and welcome to Snapzu!

    • SandrasReality

      Thanks jcscher! I've enjoyed reading some of the insightful articles you've been posting.

  • CrookedTale

    Hi Sandra,

    As a pirate I am all about the renewable energy, specifically wind energy. Nothing like a sail full of wind! I sit right outside my directors office so he "can keep an eye on me". I had a tendency to kick in the doors of managers and directors and yell at them from time to time. But I had to stop that once they put in sliding glass doors for all the offices so they could see "who" is coming. And by "who" I mean me. We also have a Mormon in the office but he wont talk to me anymore because I keep asking about that crazy magic underwear they all wear. I am honestly interested in it, like will it stop a round? Can I swim better? Could I fly if I wear it? I don't think you could fly while wearing it because I do not see many Mormons flying around the US and I believe if anyone had flying magical underwear they would use it every day! I know I would. So anyway, this is SNAPZU. We don't have a lot of Fern's around and I have yet to find the printer but have fun!

    • SandrasReality

      Thanks for the awesome welcome CrookedTale! Honestly, the Mormon are such a sensitive peoples. Have you ever had a Scientologist try to convert you though? If you are going to ask about magic underwear, they probably have an answer for you.

  • Appaloosa

    Welcome Sandra....love the humor in your writing! You will love it here!

    • SandrasReality

      Thanks Appaloosa! Let's face it, humor is just a way to keep from crying. Sometimes it fails.

  • Maternitus (edited 9 months ago)

    Hey Sandra!! I hope you like the site and find cool stuff to read/watch/view/hear/and-so-on. Your blog is nice and the story about ADHD and is in rough lines with the same experiences as mine (source: clinically diagnosed several times with ADHD and in my very young years, the notorious 70's, they had a really different name for it: Hard to Raise. True story. That is what childcare and a judge told my mother before they tried to put me in an institution for children that have an easy manual, but are hard to read for most adults. ;-) Luckily I have a good mother, who's seriously convincing in arguments. Even with judges and especially about her kids. :-) It's a rock and roll life here and there, but hey: I do not care about what people think about me and I hardly ever mean the outbursts. Except with paint, that is my saviour on many fronts. Anyways, enough about me.

    Have a blast and see you around! :-)