It's a lot less intimidating to be a person here!


There's one thing I've noticed about Snapzu since joining a couple of weeks ago: it's a lot easier to post things, be it comments or content (though I haven't posted any content yet). I've been on Reddit for 4 years? I think - I don't know - and I've commented maybe on a few dozen posts - and while I enjoy that people will call you out on your crap when you're wrong, there seems to be a culture of willful misinterpretation there that I just couldn't get over.

People here seem to take pleasure in understanding what you're trying to say even if you don't say it exactly how THEY need to hear (read) it. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the community here. And thank you.

8 years ago by emmg with 27 comments

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  • captainjib

    I agree! On reddit I never really bothered commenting on any of the larger subs because I knew I'd never be seen. Here, though, I feel confident that people will see, think about, (and hopefully respond) to what I say. This is a much more conversation-friendly place, and I find it so wonderful and addictive!

    • imakestuffgood

      Exactly my thoughts! I had input on some small subs on reddit but I shied away from commenting on the bigger subs. I'm not very articulate and sometimes my opinions don't make sense I was either frowned upon or just ignored but I feel like snapzu gets me :) I can have casual conversations about things that interest me and I don't need to have the whittiest comment in a thread just to get a reply.

    • Mives

      The amount of times I thought I had that gold-worthy comment, only to find out that it was already posted verbatim and is at the top...

    • m8gege

      So true !

    • hitthee

      I see you ;)

  • OldTallGuy (edited 8 years ago)

    I was on Digg when it went through the meltdown and then joined Reddit, there was a stigma that I was one of those ex-Diggers cluttering up the site for the "Real Redditors". I don't get that attitude from the "Charter Members" (members before the Reddit Migration) here. Everyone has been friendly and welcoming.

    I had been looking for a site like this for a long time where people are civil and polite and where disagreements are discussed and not dismissed because it wasn't in synch with the Hive Mind; I'm glad I finally found it here, it just happened to coincide with the revolt on Reddit.

    Edit: My fingers are slower than my brain.

  • twoBits

    I agree wholeheartedly. I got tired of posting on Reddit because I felt every time I did someone would go out of their way to prove me wrong or make me feel like an idiot. I enjoy this atmosphere much more here.

    • picklefingers

      There is a saying that, on the internet, the best way to get the correct answer is to say something obviously wrong because people people really wan't to feel like the genius. Example, if you want to know what makes Arch Linux a good distribution, say that it sucks and that other distros are far superior. The next 100 posts will be people giving genuine reasons why arch is great just to prove you wrong.

    • Exaltedgod

      I could not agree more with this. Over the past couple of days I tried to actually get into a conversation over some topics. My posts would get a few upvotes and an actual conversation would ensue. Within minutes, the hivemind would find the post and downvote it to oblivion just because they do not like the content. Its ridiculous.

    • ElTimablo

      I'm with you there. In recent years it's turned into a contest over who could prove everybody wrong the fastest, and I found myself falling into that mentality as well. It's refreshing to not be called a crybaby noob for asking a question.

    • freespirit

      The anonymity of the internet can definitely bring out the worst in people. Especially on sites as large as Reddit. Terrible.

  • Cheski

    I agree. The atmosphere is more conducive to making real conversation. I've already met some people that I am genuinely happy to see pop into the IRC chatroom. I've already spent a little over an hour on Skype with someone wanting to make videos and needing help with pronunciation of "American English". I'm enjoying myself.

    • kigurame

      What a mention of IRC and no proper shameless /t/irc plug ? Tsssssk Cheski you know better :P

      • Cheski

        Yeah, I thought better of it after posting. I got distracted with work. Stupid need for money!

  • ThermalShock

    It's surprising what a more positive atmosphere can do for participation rates in a group. But that applies to any group situation. Online or real life.

  • skeeva

    Welcome :)

    Everyone ive met here is super nice I hope you stay and enjoy this awesome little (getting bigger by the day) site!

  • kxh

    I hope we manage to keep the community atmosphere as it scales up. reddit was much gentler seven years or so ago.

    • hallucigenia

      Having the ability to downvote allows you to bury opinions you disagree with. This fosters negativity and a hivemind mentality. On reddit, comments with too many downvotes actually get hidden. I don't know if Snapzu does the same thing.

  • ortsac

    Definitely! I'm recognizing names already and it feels like old and new members are on equal social levels here.

  • danielxvu (edited 8 years ago)

    Seriously. I wasn't getting butt-hurt by people on reddit, but it's really annoying to never be given the benefit of the doubt in a discussion.

    When someone has expressed looking at something or doing it a particular way, is it really so hard to take a moment before answering and wonder, "Hm, maybe he/she has already weighed the costs and benefits of doing things that way. Perhaps the emotional benefits outweigh the loss in efficiency?"

    I'm going to say, "No, it really isn't that hard", and add that people on reddit seem to want to look at the world in only one way: idiots vs. themselves.

  • brendintosh

    I know right? Everyone here is so laid back and just happy to be here. There's no race for karma and people are pretty good-natured and well meaning. Glad you're here too and happy posting!

  • 3rdWheel

    This comment has been removed

  • Quietrabbit

    I agree completely, i've been more active in a week here than I have ever on Reddit

  • Csellite

    We all appreciate the community! It's almost been comforting in a way to log on and dabble around on snapzu. I feel like i'm at the bar conversing with people and just having a good time. I hope you continue to enjoy the site.

  • scones

    I thoroughly enjoy it too. So far the atmosphere here suits me better. It makes me want to contribute and comment.

  • spammusbi

    Everyone here is awesome. I love you guys!