• twoBits

    I agree wholeheartedly. I got tired of posting on Reddit because I felt every time I did someone would go out of their way to prove me wrong or make me feel like an idiot. I enjoy this atmosphere much more here.

    • picklefingers

      There is a saying that, on the internet, the best way to get the correct answer is to say something obviously wrong because people people really wan't to feel like the genius. Example, if you want to know what makes Arch Linux a good distribution, say that it sucks and that other distros are far superior. The next 100 posts will be people giving genuine reasons why arch is great just to prove you wrong.

    • Exaltedgod

      I could not agree more with this. Over the past couple of days I tried to actually get into a conversation over some topics. My posts would get a few upvotes and an actual conversation would ensue. Within minutes, the hivemind would find the post and downvote it to oblivion just because they do not like the content. Its ridiculous.

    • ElTimablo

      I'm with you there. In recent years it's turned into a contest over who could prove everybody wrong the fastest, and I found myself falling into that mentality as well. It's refreshing to not be called a crybaby noob for asking a question.

    • freespirit

      The anonymity of the internet can definitely bring out the worst in people. Especially on sites as large as Reddit. Terrible.